How to Be Like Jane from the Volturi

Jane is an intimidating, mysterious, and strong guard vampire for the Volturis. Her character is alluring and it's no wonder some would like to know how to act like her more. This article will show you, step by step, how you can recreate a Jane costume or a way to incorporate her mischievous personality in your every day life.


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    Walk with perfect balance and grace like any vampire would. Jane is a vampire, therefore she is very graceful and steady on her feet. Make sure you practice having good posture.
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    Hold your head up high to show you are not afraid of anything. Jane is very confident and sure of herself. You need to love yourself just the way you are, and knowing yourself is a very important task. Jane isn't shy and insecure, so to be more like Jane you need to appreciate who you are.
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    Look like you don't care about anything. A blank look on your face would work. Jane often doesn't seem to care about anything at all. She isn't enthusiastic often and keeps her emotions to herself. She is very reserved, so try keeping your thoughts only to you and make people want to know you better; don't spill it out to them. One of the biggest trait Jane has is how mysterious she is, so instead of not caring about anything, try acting upon that trait.
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    If you can, get dark red contacts to make the Jane look real. Of course, that would be for a costume idea. If you want to act like Jane in your everyday life you shouldn't wear red contacts unless you feel obligated to, or if you feel confident with them on. If you don't like contacts, you don't need to wear them.
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    Put some pale make-up on your face to get the vampire effect. Jane has very fair skin and wears dark eye makeup. You can find many tutorials that teach you how to have a Jane inspired makeup on the internet that can be a basic guideline on how to look like Jane. If you do not like makeup and do not want to wear it however, it is your choice. Whatever you feel comfortable with the better.
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    Wear dark, stylish clothes that look Victorian and vintage. If you are reading this article because you want to use it as a guideline for a costume, you should definitely wear a long, black robe that has a hood. If you are reading this article for an everyday look, you should try wearing black dresses, dark shirts and jeans, skirts, and antique looking jewelry. You do not need to wear very expensive and luxurious clothes; a lot of thrift shops have great pieces of clothing too that you can put together to make a marvelous outfit. Just stick to blacks, grays, dark reds, maybe emerald, etc.
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    If you really want to look like Jane dye your hair blonde and keep it up in bun or ponytail. Jane usually wears her hair in a bun, but of course to integrate this look into an everyday fashion statement, a ponytail can look just fine. Her hair is always elegant to match her dark style, that is what you need to know. Find different ways to put your hair in buns and ponytails, get creative when you put your hair down, etc. If you do not wish to dye your hair blonde, though, you can always keep it your natural color. Jane in the books doesn't have blonde hair, it is light brown.
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    When you get mad keep it in and don't start screaming. Try to control yourself unless you get permission to get crazy mad. Jane, as said earlier, is very mysterious and reserved. She doesn't show her emotions very easily, and doesn't get furious over nothing. When you are angry, just calm down and keep it in, put on your best smile and try not to get it to you. If you really can't, stare at the person with the most hatred in your eyes as you possibly can. Jane is good at giving furious glances when she is mad, and always leave an impression. Practice to show your emotions in your eyes.
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    Be sarcastic with dark humor like Jane in New Moon when she says, "This may hurt just a little." Jane is very sarcastic and has a very sick and dark humor. Try fitting that in your everyday life, as she uses her sarcasm quite often.


  • Be nice and kind to your siblings and family! In New Moon Jane loves Alec, her twin brother, very much! She also likes Aro too!
  • Do not start any fights though by using this guide, remember this is just for fun!
  • Remember to never be disrespectful to anyone, as Jane is usually very polite.


  • Do not change yourself and act like someone you are not. Remember, Jane is an antagonist character in a book. She isn't real, and this guide is just for fun. Do not take it over the top, because it can lead you to serious trouble. Never forget who you really are!

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