How to Be Liberal in a Conservative School

Being true to one's beliefs is very important in life. You shouldn't let other people bully or insult your beliefs, and you should express yourself.


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    Read. News, books, and magazines can be great ways to stay on top of current events and be aware of a much larger community. People tend to respect you more if you are able to talk about something from a less biased point of view when presenting facts and background information. Then, when you step toward a solution to a problem, you can move closer to your beliefs. Reading news from the internet, especially the mainstream news network such as CNN and ABC News will give you a liberal bias. Be sure to read news from both sides of the aisle so that you get a well-rounded view of the issues of the day.
    • Leave newspapers in school when you've finished reading them and someone might pick one up and start agreeing with you.
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    Don't hold back. Obviously, you're not going to want to go down people's throats because they disagree with you, but stand up for yourself. Just because someone has differing points of view, or they're condescending doesn't mean that you can't have those beliefs or that you have to just agree with them. Sometimes it can be better to avoid conflict, however.
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    Start talking with the right people. When you look at your school, you're probably not the only person with these beliefs. When it comes to most topics, you can say you're just taking the more humanistic approach to resolving the situation. If you are friends with other people with similar beliefs or intelligent, reasonable people with differing views, it can be much easier to get people to listen to you. Particularly if this friend with differing views respects you, others will follow his/her example.
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    Read up on the opposite views as much as you read about your own. You can't argue against something that you know nothing about. Besides, you'll gain respect for analyzing all sides of the argument.
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    Just be yourself. You should be okay with your beliefs, and never lie or change your voice because of another. Be honest to yourself and let it go.


  • Make sure that you're reading from a number of sources. Many news sources are biased towards liberals or conservatives and will twist facts. Get your facts from sources that have a general reputation for being unprejudiced.


  • Do NOT be rude when confronting others' views. When talking about politics, all parties involved must be civilized, intelligent, and respectful. Being temperamental in a debate or discussion will not earn you a reputation as a person with any of those traits.
  • Remember that some people might avoid you for your beliefs. As impossible as it may seem, it does happen.

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