How to Be Less Self Destructive

You can sometimes end up participating in self destructive behavior even without meaning to. In order to avoid this, you have to figure out what your needs are and stop getting in your own way.


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    Identify your needs. In order to be less self destructive you must identify your needs which are possible to neglect. Neglecting your needs causes suffering and doing so on purpose is a kind of self destruction. By identifying your needs you can begin to devise strategies to fulfill those needs. through devising strategies that fulfill those needs you can make the means by which you go about fulfilling your needs less self destructive of themselves - for instance in order to fulfill your need of self esteem going about it by bullying others would be self destructive since it creates enemies and suffering. Whereas going about it by way of keeping physically fit and healthy and educating yourself would be a wise way of doing it since it only leads to betterment.
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    Be less careless. Carelessness is one of the primary causes of misery. Carelessness makes a person lose the blessings they already have and make lots of bad decisions that impact them in the future. People also make lots of careless mistakes in their work which lead to poor quality outcomes that benefit no one. Carefulness by contrast creates blessings, and the more carefulness a person arises, the more capable they are of creating and maintaining good things in their lives - including good jobs, wealth, friendships and relationships.
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    Look after your finances. The old saying 'look after you finances and your finances look after you is a profound piece of wisdom'. One indicator of how well a person is willing to look after themselves is by how well they look after their finances - since doing so requires a certain discipline and self respect, as well as adequate planning and preparation. - Make sure you are budgeting well and saving in adequate amounts.
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    Develop a great respect for your own body and mind. The amount of respect you have for your own body and mind determines the situations you are willing to put yourself into. You become far less reckless in behavior and far more proactive. You become much more prone to preparing for the future and making sure that things will go smoothly. Having such respect also makes you more inclined towards physical exercise and self education - making you both stronger and more intelligent.
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    Become more reasonable and logical. A lot of self destructive behavior occurs when you begin to make decisions based solely on emotion and without determining the potential outcomes of those decisions. rationality allows you to make decisions that will be more likely to benefit you than if you decided based on the emotions you have at that time alone. You may wish to improve your decision making skills in order to make better choices that will in turn create a better future.
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    Develop knowledge of the law of cause and effect. Once you learn the causes of effects you can begin to cause good, positive and otherwise beneficial things to happen for you, as well as avoiding causing a hell for yourself. The more knowledge of cause and effect you have the easier it becomes to do this.
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    Become less reckless in your demeanor and actions. Recklessness always leads to misery in the long term. The less reckless you become the more able you are to make good decisions and sustain good things in your life. Being able to recognize and analyses your own recklessness as well as the recklessness of others allows you to begin a positive transformation which allows for much better decisions and more beneficial behavior.
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    Start eating good food. Food is that which nourishes the body. food builds, rebuilds and restores it meaning that what you put in your body determines the quality of the outcome - in the same way as you can chose whether to build a house out of high quality bricks or out of manure. Design yourself a diet plan based on good information and paying attention to the food you are currently eating, as well as paying attention to your body itself.
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    Train your body. This is a great way to make a transformation in your life - it is difficult to do anything if your body is not taken care of and highly functional. and when the body is well it is much easier to accomplish what you want to accomplish because you will have more energy, strength and will by which to do it. Progress made in your body can be just a little a day, so long as you are moving in the right direction it will count.
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    Pay attention to how much you are creating and consuming. People often over consume and do not create enough - this leads to suffering. When there is over consumption and little creation there is often lethargy and sadness because there is not a healthy outflow. Creativity allows a person many freedoms. and a healthy flow of energy in their brains.

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