How to Be Less Insecure (for Teen Girls)

School is tough and the last thing we need is to be insecure. There are things all over the place that make girls today insecure: magazines, TV, even fellow females. So, if you're sick of feeling like you don't totally love your self, follow these steps to build up that esteem!!


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    Surround yourself with people who like themselves. It's amazing how much the people around us influence our self-perception. If you hang out with other girls who are constantly reading food labels and complaining about themselves there's a very good chance that their insecurities are rubbing off on you! It's hard to end friendships but if they're damaging your self-esteem it's time to find new friends. Find people who genuinely like and respect themselves. Chances are their confidence will rub off on you.
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    Mirror Pep-talk. Each morning,when you look yourself in the mirror, find a part of your body that you think looks especially awesome that day (ex: "wow, my eyes look really pretty today!" "today is a fantastic hair day!" etc). For every flaw you see in yourself FORCE yourself to find 2 good qualities.
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    Find something you're good at...and stick with it! If you're a good singer join a chorus! If you're good at a certain sport join a team. Not only will you be able to take pride in your skills (and maybe even brag a little about your achievements) but you'll find people with similar interests who will respect you for your talent.
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    Take care of your Personal hygiene. Its hard to respect yourself when you don't feel your best and people are going to react negatively towards you if you don't take care of your body. Make sure you shower daily (preferably before school), attempt to treat those pesky pimples, brush your teeth every day, and make sure you smell fresh and clean.
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    Be aware of your Appearance. People come in all different shapes and sizes. If you're really conscientious of your weight maybe try hitting the gym to shed a few pounds. Plus, the natural endorphins will make you happier! Also, find clothes that show off your natural aspects. Avoid baggy t-shirts and jeans-they are NOT flattering on anyone, even guys.
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    Nurture Relationships. Don't feel bad if you don't have a boyfriend. Despite what facebook says, not everyone is "in a relationship". To be honest, most high school guys (especially 16 year olds) are more into hook-ups than actual relationships. Or they prefer to date younger girls because they think they can't get girls their own age (yep, guys get insecure too!). So shake off those Single Blues and focus on enjoying life for what it is.
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    Have Personality. Don't change who you are! Being secure and confident doesn't mean being a social butterfly. If you're shy it's still possible to give off that vibe of self-confidence. In the end, you're personality is all you have and that's what is going to win people over in the long run.
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    Volunteer. Help out at a local charity, library, or daycare. When you're busy helping others you don't think about yourself. Helping at places such as the Salvation Army or a soup kitchen will show you how great you have it. You'll come away from the experience feeling like a better person on the inside.
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    Don't be a Bully. Girls will often make fun of others because of their own insecurities. Please, don't do this. If you've ever had someone talk about you behind your back you know that it sucks. Its normal to be jealous of those perfect girls but don't show it. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Besides, no one likes a mean gossip.
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    Remember. Remember that even the prettiest, smartest, most perfect girls have issues. Think of it like this: someone, out there, would give anything to switch places with you. But, my dear, the grass truly is never greener on the other side.


  • If you're extremely insecure and have ever considered hurting yourself seriously or suicide, go see a doctor. Having a therapist doesn't mean you're weak or crazy. In fact, no one except you and your parents need to know.
  • This is just a little fun thing I'm adding in here: if you're one of those girls who hates, hates, HATES when guys stare at your chest (most girls seem to be like this) remember that staring your "womanly parts" is their way of saying that you're hot. If it still bothers you, try holding your notebooks in a way that covers your chest, that way they have nothing to look at. Or, if you're feeling really bold, next time you catch a guy looking while you're having a conversation hold your hand level with your chest and motion upward towards your face. Be sure to carry the conversation on normally--it'll totally throw him off!


  • Insecurity can't be changed overnight. For many, it takes a life to become comfortable with who you are. So be patient, don't lose heart, and stay positive.

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  • Good friends that see your true beauty, and motivate you to believe that you are, truly beautiful.

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