How to Be Kemetic

Three Parts:Understanding the faithBuilding a shrinePracticing Kemetism

Kemetism is a term for Egyptian neopaganism, neopagan revivals of Ancient Egyptian religion which are practiced mainly in the United States and Europe, from the 1970s onwards. There are several main sects of Kemetism, each of which take a different approach to their faith, ranging from eclectic to polytheistic reconstructionist.

Part 1
Understanding the faith

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    If you are new to Kemetism or Egyptian Paganism you may want to read a little bit about the history of the ancient Egyptian religion to get a better understanding of the faith. We recommend the books, "Following the Sun: A Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion," and "Circle of the Sun: Rites and Celebrations for Egyptian Pagans and Kemetics," both books are by Sharon LaBorde and are available on both and, both books are packed full of useful information for new Kemetic or Egyptian Pagan practitioners.
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    Understand that there is no division of religion and 'magic' in Ancient or Modern Egypt. Allow yourself to be freed of all stereotypes you might have heard and embodied. Miracles are magical.
    • Remind yourself often that you're not doing anything 'evil' or ' odd' but supremely natural.

Part 2
Building a shrine

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    After you have read about Kemetism, you will want to build a Kemetic shrine. Your shrine may be in a cabinet, on a small table, in a bookshelf etc. which ever you desire. You will want to have an icon/statue or picture of the deity or deities you are honoring. Be sure to have offering plates or bowls where you will give offerings such as bread, water, milk, rice, etc. to the deities through ritual daily in your shrine. You may also want to place items such as incense, herbs, flowers oils, gems, etc.

Part 3
Practicing Kemetism

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    After you have built your shrine and you are happy with it, you are ready to start practicing Kemetism. Everyday you will offer food, such as, bread, oatmeal, uncooked rice mixed with spices, chocolate, etc. Make sure it is something you would eat yourself, because you will consume the offerings after the ritual is finished. You will also need to offer a libation,such as water or milk. You may write you own prayers to recite to the gods during or after you are offering to them, or you may want to use a constructed prayer, which you can find in ancient Egyptian texts such as the "Pyramid Scriptures" or "The Book of the Dead," both of which you can find online.
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    Embrace your own divinity and intuition. Embrace that which is sacred of Self and connect with source your natural braid. Let images and thoughts come and go, breathing color in and static out.
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    As your awareness rises surround yourself with protection, including a talisman, gems, spirit guides, chosen deities, and more. After safely protecting yourself from all negativity, self doubt, and knowing that you are safe, begin to take short trips where the dimensional veils drop and learn to astral project whilst body is physically still.
    • This is the way you can divine futures, visit the past, meet allies and channel and more!
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    With a journal , a voice recorder, and sketchbook nearby, along with someone you trust to keep watch and notes, tell your conscious mind where to go and whom to meet whilst meditating. All colors, sounds, and visions you have during all phases of trance are omens and reveal truths.
    • Record your voice as well as the memoirs that come in flashes upon 'waking'.
    • Always utilize both symbology and words to describe your journey.
    The journal will soon be a written map as well as your personal medicinal and magic shaman guide whilst sketchbook will display the deities, elementals, numbers, animals, faces you have worn, and many more omens to study, learn, honor, keep close, as well as codes. The possibilities are endless. We are divine and immortal creatures.
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    Let no fear come from images that might seem disturbing. They are direct portraits from your divine self and source to a guide and teacher. Instead, meditate over them: place on altar, bless, and ask your patron deities for more information.
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    After a while, add music, dance, drums and more to your journeys. Soon you will reach the blissful state of a healer, on authentic shamanic journeys, if that is your chosen path.


  • Do a lot of reading on Kemetic beliefs and adopt your own beliefs, maybe you might even begin a Kemetic group in your community.

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