How to Be Just Like Marilyn Monroe (Preteens)

Are you inspired by Norma Jean Baker's transformation to Marilyn Monroe? Do you love her innocence and sexiness at the same time? But, are you too young to wear her clothes and makeup and look like her? If so, it is possible to be like Marilyn Monroe. You can have her innocent yet hot look even at a young age.


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    You need to get all of the correct clothes to look like Marilyn. Marilyn's favorite colors were beige, brown, black, cream, forest green, white, and red. She avoided bright colors, other than red. But, your parents may not like you walking around in bright red and black. So, it is acceptable for you to wear hot pink, pale pink, royal blue, royal purple, and other bright colors in moderation. You also probably can't wear her revealing dresses. But, you can wear pencil skirts, sweaters, capris, shirt dresses, knee-length jeans, blouses, fitted jackets, full skirts, A-line skirts and dresses, narrow and tight pants which were worn at home and leisure, and hourglass dresses. Wear these in Marilyn's colors.
    • At school, if you don't have a uniform, wear the suggested clothing items, even the pants if you want. Try to wear skirts and dresses as much as possible. If you have a uniform, get collared shirts in the suggested colors and wear black, beige, or brown skirts and capris, if allowed. If you can wear jeans, wear dark-wash and black jeans. Roll them up to your knees or get them in a flare or bootcut style. If your uniform is stricter, wear it and accessorize with small gloves, an old fashioned scarf, a belt around the waist, etc.
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    Get your hair done. Marilyn was a golden blond, but Norma was a brunette. If you want blond hair and you have light brown or red hair, use a mixture of lemon or lime juice mixed with shampoo and water and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Spray it on your hair once a day until you run out and your hair should have significantly lightened. Repeat for better results. Try not to get highlights. If you have them, make them strawberry blond to golden blond. If you have dark hair, you can try to lighten it to a lighter brown or let it be. You also need it cut. Get a shoulder length 'do with short layers in the front and long layers in the back. Try to get a set of rollers. If you can't, get yourself some bobby pins and make pin curls! You will also need some gel so your style will hold.
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    You also need some perfect skin. Marilyn used extremely expensive creams, but you can probably do fine with some acne face wash, a toner, pimple cream, and facial moisturizer. In the morning, use a toner or lemon/lime juice, tighten your skin with an ice cube, and apply pimple cream and facial moisturizer. In the evening, use your face wash, toner, ice cube, pimple cream, and moisturizer.
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    Now for the makeup. If you aren't allowed to wear makeup, skip this step. If you are, keep reading. Make your nose look smaller by applying blush to the tip and some petroleum jelly. Also, use a pink or coral blush under your cheekbones. Blend a cream highlighter around the nose, above the cheekbones, across the eye lids and forehead, and in the space between your nose and eyes. Point your eyebrows with tweezing and an eyebrow filler. Contour your jaw line with a dark powder, along with the hollows of your cheeks, temples, under your chin, and neck. Use a white eyeshadow from your lash line to brow bone. Then use a brown eyeshadow to contour the outer crease. Then lined the lash line with a black or brown eye liner and flicked it at the end. Line your bottom lash line halfway between the ends. Brighten the gap between the inner corner and the middle with a white eyeshadow. Curl and applied a couple of coats of mascara to your eyelashes. Apply a pink lip liner to your lips, since you probably can't use red. Then, apply a darker pink in the outer corner that blends into a lighter pink in the middle of your lips. Use a highlighter on the upper and lower parts of your lips.
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    For the body, you need to exercise. In the mornings after washing your face and brushing your teeth, lay down next to your bed with 5 pound weights. Spread your arms next to you and slowly lift them to a point above your head. Do this 15 times. Then, put your arms on the ground above your head and lift them directly over. Do this 15 times. Then, put your arms on your stomach and lift them from your stomach to above your head. Do this 15 times. Then, circle your arms until they are tired. Go jogging in the mornings too.
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    Now, follow her diet. For breakfast, have orange juice, cereal, two slices of crisp toast with butter, and hot cocoa or milk. For a snack, have milk and 1 cracker. For lunch, have 1 egg or cottage cheese, 1 potato or spaghetti or 1/2 cup of noodles without cheese, stale toast with butter, and Jello or cooked fruit. For and afternoon snack, have the same as before or fruits and vegetables. For dinner, have a type of meat, a potato, 1/2 a cup of vegetables, and a slice of bread with butter. For dessert, eat junket, tapioca, rice pudding, baked apple, custard, or eggnog. Try to add extra fruits and vegetables as additional snacks or with meals.
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    Play her sports. She tried her hand at skiing, horse-back riding, swimming, hiking, canoeing, fishing, surfing, soccer, golf, softball, basketball, badminton, running and weight training. She also danced. But, she was leaving it to the men to do swimming, golfing, and softball. Recommended sports would be horse-back riding, hiking, canoeing, surfing, running, and weight training.
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    Talk like her. Have a soft and sultry voice that is higher pitched.
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    Love and be loved, talk and be talked to, walk and be walked towards. What goes around comes around. Be nice and loving to everybody and they will do the same...
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