How to Be Inspired by Kendall Jenner

Do you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and think, "Why can't I be like Kendall?" Who wouldn't want to be her? With wikiHow's tips and tricks, you can -- and quite easily, too! Keep reading.


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    Get the hair. Kendall has long, shiny dark brown hair. To achieve this look either grow your hair out or get extensions. To make your hair shiny wash it every other day,eat right, drink lots of water, use a shine enhancing shampoo and conditioner, and use a shine spray after styling your hair. Part your hair in the middle and make loose waves by either braiding your hair loosely overnight and brushing it out or use a curling wand.Use heat protectant to keep it healthy.If you're not a brunette, then you may want to dye your hair or get highlights.
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    Get the Look. Wash your face with any face system that works for you and if you have acne try Clinique, Proactive, or Neutrogena. Use a moisturizer day and night. For makeup, start with a foundation. If you don't want to apply heavy face makeup, try a BB,CC or DD cream that matches your skin tone. Use a concealer for any imperfections, and then apply powder. Apply a bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks,nose and corners of the forehead. Apply highlighter to the high points of your face.Kendall's look is usually thin eyeliner, eyelashes, brows, and a nude lip. Use gold eyeshadow as a wash to your lids.Next use a taupe eyeshadow in your crease and outer corners .Use a vanilla eyeshadow and apply it to your brow bone and inner corners.Use a gold eye pencil and line your water line with that.Then, line your upper lash line with a black liquid liner. Make the line thin. After that, you are going to tightline with a dark brown pencil. Next, curl your lashes and apply three coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Fill in your eyebrows with a brown pencil or shadow and shape them with a brow brush. Lastly, apply a nude lipstick with a peachy undertone, and, if you want, apply a lip gloss like Turkish Delight from Nars over it.
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    Get the Body. Now no one can look exactly like Kendall. Kendall is skinny, toned, and tall. But there are bunch of foods and daily things you can do to get her build up. Try eating lots of fruits and vegetables daily, either with a meal or for a snack. Sit ups, are good for toning up your stomach and If your not very tall a good way to make your self appear taller is by wearing heels. Kendall is already pretty tall, but she wears a lot of heels. And wearing heels can make you look taller giving you a few extra inches. Wearing darker clothes can also, make you appear skinnier and slimmer.
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    Get the Fashion. Kendall is very edgy and grungy in the fashion department! Hats, skinny jeans, jackets, dresses, skirts, blazers, shorts, sunglasses and other things fashion pieces are a big statement with Kendall. Kendall is always wearing something classy but edgy and different and you can find inspiration from little pieces in your closet. or just Google some pictures of her and save them on your computer for inspiration. She is mostly seen in black or dark colors at night and blushes, whites, and pinks during the day. She's not big on accessories, so don't wear too much jewelry.
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    Get the Life. Okay, so not everyone can have the life of a Jenner or a Kardashian! But you can always try to. Kendall spends alot of time with her family or are out with her friends or going on vacation. Spend some time with your friends and try your best to to go on little adventures wether its going by the lake and jumping in or even Having a water balloon fight. Kendall is very spontaneous and does alot of adventurous things. Honor your family. If you have a bunch of sisters hang out with them and try to appreciate them. And remember dont try to change yourself because you want to be someone else! Be inspired, take inspiration from her everyday style and life and apply it to yours. Be the best you, you can be and love yourself the way you're every body has flaws. Even Kendall and no ones perfect. Everyones made the same. Kendall eats, sleeps, cries just like everyone else. And remember you can take inspiration from other people but, always remember that you're beautiful.


  • Be happy with yourself and be confident!
  • If you don't look like exactly like Kendall, it's not the end of the world! Be yourself. Remember this is how to be inspired by Kendall not be her!
  • Unlike her sisters, she uses more natural make up so don't use blocked make up, but remember, everyone is different so be yourself.
  • Even Kendall has insecurities. Don't be put down by this; remember, no one is perfect.
  • Do loads of research! Kendall and Kylie have YouTube videos, magazine articles, Twitter and Tumblr. You can get loads of inspiration from there. If you really want to commit to this, it's time for a clear out. Clear out most of the clothes that aren't "Kendall" enough and go shopping for outfits Kendall would wear. Go with friends and get them to help you if you get stuck.


  • Don't hurt yourself by tanning or using any type of skin altering product except for tanner.
  • Don't become anorexic or bulimic trying to be like Kendall.

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