How to Be Inspired by Dakota Rose

Two Methods:SceneDoll

While not as well-known as her older sister, Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose is absolutely just as pretty and scene. She has also rocked the doll look for a long time now. She aims to look like a Japanese doll, named Kota Koti.

Method 1

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    Hair. This can be done in many ways, seeing as her hair is changed constantly. Probably the most well known style of hers is a bleached blonde chin-length bob, with leopard spots on the sides, and blunt bangs. She has also had longer bleached hair, with a few neon stripes and leopard spots on them. Another popular style is either plain bleached chin length, and sometimes long bleached extensions. She had red hair, a while back, but now, it is a shade of blue.
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    Dress Style. Unlike Kiki, she has a much more casual style. She doesn't seem to be as flashy with designer things. She mostly makes her own clothing, so it would be a good idea to learn how to sew. Dakota's favorite colors are electric blue, pink, and yellow, so try to incorporate those colors in your wardrobe.
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    Website and Social Networking. You should create a MySpace to make yourself more well-known. Create a Stickam also, to add people, but don't go live or post a lot of stuff about yourself. Make your website cute and resourceful.
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    Personality. While her sister is always in the limelight, Dakota isn't as flashy. She is her sister's beta- she gets all the fame, but hardly ever deals with the drama.

Method 2

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    Hair. Kota Koti's hair is currently light brown with layered bangs and some long layers. She often puts barrel curls in the ends of her hair, or straightens it. She has plenty of YouTube videos on hair tutorials. She occasionally pushes her bangs out of her face or to the side. She wears pigtails with braids, pigtails with curls, braided headbands, and has her hair down. She wears a lot of accessories in her hair, such a bows and flowers.
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    Clothes. Dakota Rose wears Japanese inspired doll clothes, like collared shirts, skirts, shorts, cardigans, and other clean, girly, and preppy Japanese inspired clothes.
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    Website. She has a YouTube account in which she frequently posts new videos of hair, makeup, and clothing tutorials. She also has a Twitter and personal blog. She posts everything in Japanese and English.
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    Personality. Dakota is kind, sweet, friendly, beautiful, and a human Barbie.
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    Makeup. She wears makeup to give her larger eyes that pop, smaller lips that shine, creamy skin, a small nose, and contours her face a bit with makeup and Photoshop.


  • Dakota's favorite animals are cats and foxes.
  • Dakota enjoys making clothing for her cats.
  • Koti has 2 piercings in her lip.
  • Koti wants to become a famous model/fashion designer, or just make a lot of money.


  • Do not copy her exactly.
  • You will be accused of being an obnoxious kiddy pre-teen.
  • You will most likely be called a poser.
  • Kiki or Koti will most likely contact you accusing you of being unoriginal.

Things You'll Need

  • A fab older sister [or at least a pretty, scene best friend]
  • Unique clothing, and a unique fashion sense
  • Lip rings
  • Cats
  • A website [buzznet and Facebook are most popular]
  • A lot of money, Koti has expensive taste [especially in clothes and jewelry]
  • Lots of makeup in bright colours, and fake eyelashes
  • Koti has a lot of personality- remember that! Don't be bland!
  • A high-res digital Camera
  • Photoshop experience

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