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Have you ever wanted to be that sweet innocent person that everyone flocks to and finds adorable? If you don’t naturally exude cuteness and innocence, you may have to put in a little work to get there. Just changing the way that you dress and accessorize can put you on the right path. From there, acting cuter will come more easily. Don’t think you have to change yourself radically; you just have to find that sweet and charming part of yourself and bring it to the surface!

Part 1
Looking Cute

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    Wear clothes with a youthful fit. Wear breezy clothes that aren’t too tight. You don’t have to wear loose clothes, but girls in particular should stay away from clothes that cling to their bust or that show a lot of skin. Consider wearing peasant blouses that are flowy and girly, or loose-fitting empire style dresses.[1]
    • If you’re more of a tomboy, don’t feel like you have to wear dresses or extra-feminine clothes just to look innocent and cute. Try wearing raglan-style shirts or loose-fitting crop tops for a cute and youthful silhouette.
    • Guys should stay away from tight fitting shirts that emphasize their muscles and go for looser styles instead.
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    Wear light colors and cute patterns. Light colors naturally look more innocent than black or other dark, bold colors. No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, wear clothes, especially tops, that are light colored as opposed to dark. [2]
    • If you’re a girl, try wearing tops that are white, yellow or pastel colors. You can also wear clothes with cute prints like hearts, polka dots, or animal patterns like cat faces or owls.
    • To look extra-feminine, wear shirts with cute embellishments like bows, lace or ribbons.
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    Wear light, rosy makeup. A lot of people think that the only way to look cute and innocent is to not wear makeup. But if you love wearing makeup, there’s no reason to give it up! Instead of wearing dark makeup like smoky eye shadow, black winged eyeliner, dark lips and heavy contouring, go for lighter-colored makeup instead.[3]
    • Use rosy shades for your eyes, lips and cheeks. Rosy tones make you look cute and flushed, adding to your innocent look.
    • You can also wear sparkly eye shadow in colors like champagne, rose gold or peach.
    • Larger eyes naturally look more cute and innocent. Emphasize your eyes by lining them with brown eyeliner at the lash line. Black eyeliner can be overwhelming especially on light complexions, but if it works for you then go for it.
    • There are thousands of makeup tutorial on the Internet that focus on cute makeup looks. In particular, look for words like “cute”, “innocent”, “natural” and “romantic” when you are finding a tutorial.
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    Wear cute accessories. Especially if you’re a girl, the right accessories can bring your cute look to a new level. Wear cute accessories like bows, barrettes, or butterfly clips in your hair, and jewelry that has cute charms like hearts or stars. If you want a more subtle cute look with your accessories, wear small, delicate pieces like thin rings and bracelets.[4]
    • If you’re a tomboy, you can accessorize with a baseball cap, a beanie or a newsboy cap for a cute look.
    • If you’re a guy, you can also wear a baseball cap or a beanie for more of a youthful look.
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    Wear flat shoes. If you’re a girl, try to avoid wearing heels. Instead, wear flat shoes like ballet flats, mary janes or canvas sneakers. You can also wear flat boots in the winter. Flat shoes look more youthful and wholesome than heels.

Part 2
Acting Innocent and Cute

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    Speak softly. If you’re naturally a loud person, try and monitor how loudly you talk. A soft, easy voice can add to your innocent, shy vibe. Don’t try to change your voice altogether, just try to tone down your voice a little bit. It may be worth it to take a couple days where you really pay attention to the way you talk. After a little practice, it should come naturally to you.[5]
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    Play with your hair. Playing with your hair is an adorable way to bring attention to yourself. If you have long hair, run your fingers through it, curl in around your finger or tuck it behind your ear when talking. If you have short hair, rumple your hair or sweep it to the side.[6]
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    Smile and laugh often. Part of being innocent and cute is having an optimistic and positive outlook on life. Smile to let your sweet side shine through. Giggle or laugh when people tell jokes or funny stories to show that you appreciate them and to come across as approachable and friendly.[7]
    • Try to laugh sweetly rather than loudly or aggressively.
    • You can even put a hand up in front of your mouth as you giggle. This is an extra cute way to laugh!
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    Listen to others. Always aim to be considerate and kind. Instead of dominating conversations and making yourself the focus of a group, take a step back and hear others out. Do your best to make people feel included and comfortable, and try to be sensitive and empathetic instead of hardheaded or stubborn.[8]
    • If you notice that someone looks uncomfortable or is not participating in a conversation, ask them a question about themselves to make them feel more at ease.
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    Don’t be crass. Try not to make crude jokes or tell stories with a lot of sexual innuendo. Attract attention because of your kind and sweet personality, not because you are being sexually suggestive.
    • If you are in a conversation that turns sexual, you don’t have to pretend like you don’t know what is being talked about, but instead stay silent or giggle shyly.
    • Just because you want to embrace your cute side, don’t think that you can’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Focus on making your personal and romantic life private rather than something you talk about in detail.
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    Embrace your shy side. Your shyness isn’t a weakness; in fact, it will only add to your innocent vibe! Don’t think that you have to hide your shyness or compensate for it. Blushing or even being a little awkward will only make you appear more cute and adorable.[9]
    • If you’re not naturally shy at all, don’t feel like you should fake it. You want to be as authentic as possible.

Part 3
Changing Your Lifestyle

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    Develop wholesome talents. Find a fulfilling and enriching hobby to keep you out of trouble! Hobbies can awaken your curiosity and your inner child, especially creative ones like drawing, writing or learning a musical instrument. You can also try out hobbies like horseback riding or hiking that bring you closer to nature. If you don’t already have a hobby, try a couple on for size.
    • If you don’t know how to start, join a class or a club to help you get started.
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    Spend time with similar friends. Find friends who also are try to live wholesome and fulfilling lifestyles. It’s much easier to feel innocent and sweet when you are spend time with likeminded people. Find alternative activities that you can do with these friends instead of partying or getting into trouble.
    • If you don’t know where to find new friends, try and talk to new people at your school, your work, your church or other place of worship, or through a youth group.
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    Incorporate kindness into your daily life. Make kindness a central part of your existence. Try to do one thing a day to help others out, whether it be helping someone cross the street or tutoring a classmate. Being kind not only benefits others, but it can change your world view. It’s hard to feel cynical when every day you are helping others and making a difference.[10]
    • You can also start volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and to meet people who also want to make a difference.
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    Don’t drink excessively. Getting drunk and out of control isn’t cute. Try to drink only in small amounts, or cut it out all together. If you are socializing with people who are drinking, have only a few drinks or opt for a different beverage.[11]
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    Limit your media exposure. Try to cut down the time you spend in front of the television, computer, or reading celebrity magazines. Sex and violence are highly prevalent in the media, and it’s hard to stay innocent when you are constantly surrounded by them. Don’t feel that you have to cut everything out all together, just spend less of your time around these influences.[12]
    • You could also try to customize the media that you take in by cutting out shows that feature a lot of sex and violence.


  • Remember to stay true to yourself, even if you want to appear and act more cute.
  • Revisiting your favorite childhood movies and books can help to bring you back to a time when you were more innocent.

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