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Being in control of yourself is one of the most important steps in life. If you can learn to be in control with who you are and how you deal with life as a person, you can not only help with your own self-esteem, but also build better relationships in general with people. If you follow the steps below, you are not only saying you are committed to learning how to be in control with yourself as an individual, but also how to stay in control with a positive attitude towards others, even to the people who hate you.


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    Look at yourself in the mirror for about two minutes each morning and think of some of the things that you like about yourself. It is important to keep in mind that you are an individual and that you are important in the world. Now, think of the ways you are important and what matter to you in the world. (one of the most important things should be yourself)! Once you can remember them in your head without looking at yourself, move to the next step.
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    Organize the important things that you need to do for the day. Make sure that you prioritize the things that you need to do and care about the most before you do the things that don't help you in any way. Make sure to do this every day. Now move to the next step.
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    Keep a positive attitude in your work place. Go up to co-workers or your school acquaintances with a smile and be open. Don't be afraid of what they might think about you, always be polite. When people you care about need help or your advice, don't let them down. You need to realize that you should be there for them. When acquaintances or co-workers come up to you and ask you to do something you don't want to do make sure to stay in control. Don't let them say or do anything to you that is going to hurt you in the long run. Remember that you are important too and you have every right to disagree with a decision as long as you state your opinion and reason why. If they don't accept it or if they don't accept you, move on. You can't spend your life trying to do what your friends or acquaintances want you to do or be.
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    When someone who hates you or is mean to you approaches you and say mean things to you, stick up for yourself. Say to them what you know for a fact is wrong with what they are saying about you and then prove them wrong. Don't lose control though because if you do and start saying stuff just to over talk, you are putting yourself down to their level. You want to be in control of yourself around others and do what you feel is right no matter what they think. You can't do that if you let a hater make you do or say things that you really didn't want to say. That IS NOT being in control at all.
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    Always remember who you are as a person, what makes you different, and be the better person. It's a good feeling when you can answer that. That means you know who you are, and you have set to achieve them. Remember that you are important. Also you have a right to your own opinions too just like everyone else does. Do not show attitude to the ones who hate you and do not neglect the ones that love you. It will take some time but once you can learn to not be influenced by others and to be your own person and respect your values, you will officially be able to be in control of yourself. It is an amazing feeling!


  • Realize that you are important and don't let anyone say that you aren't.
  • Try doing things the way you want to do things instead of letting others influence you to do other things.
  • Remember to be polite and to keep a positive attitude. Look at things in a positive view instead of focusing on the negative.
  • Be honest and true to yourself.
  • Focus on what is important to you and to put your all into those and put less control into things that aren't that important.
  • Make the best out of life, be happy with yourself, focus on what you can change and ignore what you can't.


  • Don't try to control the things that will never change. That goes for PEOPLE too!
  • Don't act like you are the best and that nobody else matters, because everyone is special in their own way. Be respectful
  • Just because you have an opinion and think that you are right doesn't mean that you actually are. Listen to how others feel before putting others down with what you feel.

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