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Three Methods:Getting OrganizedChanging Your PerspectiveUsing Stress-Relief

The end of summer holidays, short holidays, or even just the weekend can mean the beginning of stressful times. School brings studies, exams, awkward love issues, and dragging ourselves out of the house every morning. This can be a real drain on energy and happiness! But school doesn't have to feel terrible. When you stay organized, keep a positive perspective, and take steps to reduce your stress level, your school days can be some of your best.

Method 1
Getting Organized

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    Follow a schedule. Each Sunday, before school begins for the week, take some time to plan your schedule. Start by penciling in your classes and anything else you are required to do (such as a job, sports practice, or other specific obligations). Then in the space remaining, pencil in times for homework, exercise, and leisure. Look ahead to any big assignments and break them down over a few weeks. Following a schedule takes away the stress of not knowing how to get everything done, and makes for smoother and happier school days. [1]
    • Use a planner. Find a design with enough space to schedule everything you need.
    • Use different colors to designate different kinds of activities: such as yellow for class, blue for homework, green for exercise, and pink for leisure time.
    • An app or online planner can be an option too.
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    Avoid procrastination. Schoolwork always turns out the best, and causes the least amount of stress, when it is completed in manageable chunks. It can be tempting, however, to put work off until the last moment. Work on avoiding procrastination, as putting things off will only induce stress and cause your school work to suffer.[2]
    • When you get a big assignment, break it up into small chunks, and give yourself mini-deadlines.
    • Try to remove any distractions. Go to a quiet place where you can work. Turn off notifications from your phone, email, or social media.
    • Try to work a little bit each day instead of thinking you can do it all at once.
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    Plan your wardrobe. Trying to figure out what to wear every day can be a big source of stress and unhappiness, especially so early in the morning. Make it easy on yourself by planning your wardrobe for the week each Sunday. By spending this time prepping for your week, you will feel confident, comfortable, and happy each day. [3]
    • Start by checking the weather.
    • Select an outfit for all five school days.
    • It may help to use a hanging storage rack in your closet, where you can store each outfit for the week.
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    Make time for fun. It is easy to keep yourself constantly busy with academic and extracurricular pursuits, but it is just as essential to your health and happiness to do something fun every day! School days can be packed with obligations, but carve out at least a little bit of time for something you really enjoy.[4]
    • Listen to fun music.
    • Spend some time joking around with a friend.
    • Work on a craft project like crocheting or collage.
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    Keep a “done list.” “To-do” lists can help you keep track of what you need to accomplish, but creating a “done” list can be just as important. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do, stop and make a list of all the things you have already completed! Keeping a list of what you’ve done (instead of focusing solely on what you still need to do) reminds you of all your hard work, helps keep things in perspective, and makes for happier days at school.[5]
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    Participate in class. A big part of staying organized involves paying attention and participating while you are actually in class. Believe it or not, staying engaged in class discussion is the most effective way to make the time pass quickly! Additionally, if you are prepared to participate in class, you are less likely to dread attending.[6]
    • Set yourself up for success by reviewing what you will be covering in class ahead of time.
    • Be sure you have done any reading or other homework.
    • Come up with a couple of comments or questions so that you can easily get involved in the dialog.

Method 2
Changing Your Perspective

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    Think of the big picture. You may have heard the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff.” This notion can be the key to staying happy while you’re in school. When something upsets you (like a bad grade, an argument with a friend, or not making a sports team) stop, and try to put it in a bigger context. Chances are this one bad grade, argument, or rejection will not have a major long-term impact on your life. [7]
    • Think of your long-term goals.
    • Ask yourself if this one upsetting thing have any effect on them.
    • Chances are, the answer will be no. So don’t sweat it!
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    Avoid drama. A huge source of stress during school days is interpersonal drama. You can work to avoid this problem and stay happy if you make an effort to mind your own business.[8]
    • When conflicts arise that don’t necessarily involve you, try to stay out of it.
    • Don’t gossip! It may be tempting, but try not to talk about people behind their backs.
    • Don’t allow yourself to get pulled into arguments. Don’t let anyone pressure you to take sides.
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    Talk about things that are bothering you. If something is on your mind, don’t bottle it up. If you are stressed about an upcoming assignment, you are upset with someone in your life, or you are disappointed about a bad grade you received, you can help yourself feel better by talking about it with a friend. A friend can help you come up with solutions, or just be a shoulder to cry on. Talking about the problem will always make you feel better, plus, talking through a problem helps you make a plan.[9]
    • If you are stressing about an assignment, talk about how to break the assignment down into parts over time.
    • If you are upset with a friend, go to that person directly and talk to them about what happened.
    • If you are disappointed about a grade, focus on the next assignment. Talk to your friend about ideas for how to improve.
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    Cut other people some slack. Nobody is perfect. You can improve the quality of your days at school if you do not spend them judging other people. The more you try to accept others, the more you will accept yourself, and the happier you will be. If you find yourself making a judgment about the actions or choices of somebody else, try to let it go. Remember that it’s not your problem.[10]
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    Don’t take everything so seriously. School days can be nothing but a series of obstacles, obligations, and important decisions. Or, you can make the choice to not take every little thing so seriously. When you look from a different perspective, life is pretty ridiculous! When you let go of the seriousness, school days can be happy and fun.[11]
    • When something stressful happens to you, try to find the humor in it.
    • Think of yourself ten years from now. What will that older version of you remember? How will they feel about the little things that are bothering you today?
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    Remember that classes will end eventually. If you are stuck taking a course that you really don't like, remember that it's only temporary! Each semester is only a matter of weeks. You can stick it out for that long! [12]
    • You can track the number of weeks that remain in the semester in your school planner. This will have the added benefit of reminding you how close you are to mid-terms or finals.

Method 3
Using Stress-Relief

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    Start the day with something you like. The way you begin your day has a huge impact on the rest of your day. Get a good start by doing something that you like! Of course mornings are busy and rushed as it is, but carve out just a few minutes for something nice.[13]
    • Eat a yummy breakfast.
    • Listen to a great playlist while you get dressed.
    • Sit and enjoy a cup of tea.
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    Look forward to an activity you enjoy. If you find yourself stuck in an unpleasant part of your day, think about another part of school that you actually like! This might be an after-school sports team or club, a class that happens later in the afternoon, or even your lunch break. Remember that all you need to do is be patient and make it through the tough moments, and later you'll be rewarded with the activity you enjoy. [14]
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    Go outside. Spending even just a little bit of time outside has been shown to reduce stress and help you feel happy. If you have the option to go outdoors during your school day, take it! If this isn’t an option for you, consider walking to school in the morning, or spend a little time outside in the afternoon. You can sit in a chair and read, go for a walk, or visit a favorite outdoor spot.[15]
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    Practice visualization. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed out during your school day, you can do a visualization exercise in order to calm down.[16]
    • Close your eyes.
    • Relax your muscles.
    • Imagine a place that makes you feel happy. (Maybe this is a beach, or driving in a car with all the windows open, or even snuggled into your bed.)
    • Observe as many details as possible: What does it sounds like? What things do you see? Can you smell anything? How does the sand, blanket, or wind feel against your skin?
    • Spend a few minutes here.
    • Repeat this anytime you want to.
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    Listen to music. Music is tied to our emotions. Sad music can makes us feel sad, and happy music can help us feel happy. Listen to some upbeat music as you get ready for school, on your way to school, or during a school break. This will lift your mood and give you a boost to make it through your day. [17]
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    Journal your thoughts. One of the best ways to process negative thoughts (and promote positive ones) is to keep a journal. The therapeutic benefits to writing in a journal include helping you organize your knowledge, reduce your stress, and understand your emotions.[18] Journaling can also be a good way to pass the time at school.
    • Find a notebook that you like.
    • Try to write in it once or twice during your school day.
    • Don’t shy away from negative emotions, but try to write down one thing you are grateful for each day.
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    Reinforce a positive attitude. When you take on a positive attitude toward your teachers and classmates, they are more likely to display a positive attitude in return. Making an effort to be nice and pleasant can help your school day go by smoothly and quickly! Even you don't feel positive, faking it a little bit can have profound benefits for your health.[19]
    • Show gratitude. Thank your instructor for a nice lesson, or thank a friend for listening.
    • Compliment someone. Do you love a classmate's skirt? Tell her.


  • Make good friends.
  • Be attentive to studies.
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • If you get insulted or mocked for being smart or participating in class, ignore it. Be happy and be positive.


  • Some students may be bossy or insolent toward you. Remind yourself it's not really about you. It is their problem.

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