How to Be Great at School

Ever wanted to feel good about yourself, manage school life, or just have a bunch of friends? Just read these simple steps and you can be great at school whatever your age, personal circumstances or personality type. Get being great with step number one below.


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    Have a great Attitude. Attitude is extremely important. Be happy with who you are at school and with everyone around you, it is important. Don't act happily oblivious to other people's emotions. What's worse, is the other way around, people who always act "happy", they tend to get very annoying. Being happy with who you are is never annoying, as long as you don't brag.
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    Don't act "tough" or be a big pushover, nobody will respect you either way.
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    Work on your personality. Things like developing a personal style of clothing, music, etc.
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    Consider carefully clothing fads. Fads can be great opportunities for clothing originality. If there's a fad at your school, it's fine to follow it, but change it slightly, enough to make it your own style. You may even start a new fad! Consider designing (if you're artistic) your own clothes. If you're low on budget, try going to a second-hand shop or even the thrift store. Often they get surplus straight from department stores, at a much cheaper price. Remember, even the ugliest of clothing can become dazzling if you have a particularly artistic eye. It is also important to remember that looking great and being great are not the same thing. You can dress in a way that some people think is a bit boring if you want, and still be great. The important thing is to dress how you are happiest. If you are not obsessed with your appearance, great, if you love to look your idea of awesome, that's great too.
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    If you're into music, then listen to what you like, but don't be afraid to try new things, too. Being great at school means being willing to try new things. Try going to a few concerts if you can afford it, if you are on a budget, go to amateur performances.
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    Deal with school life. Probably nobody likes school at all, but if you make it work for you, it will be boring but fun.
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    Be organized. Buy a planner to list your assignments, projects, tests, and even chores. Do your homework in class and when you get home, and when you're sick, at least know what assignments you missed. Even if you aren't the brightest in the class, if you turn in everything well done and on time, you will be respected.
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    Know who to talk to. Have at least three people in each class who you can call if you missed an assignment, need help, etc. Being friends with your teacher will help, because if you missed an assignment, sometimes you can persuade them to 'see things your way' etc.
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    Take school seriously. Remember, doing well in school is actually important, but it's not the end of the world if you miss an assignment or two.
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    Have something to make you want to come to school. Things like doing your favorite sport, a favorite elective, etc, can make school more enjoyable and fun.


  • Join a club or do a sport. Don't worry about being stereotyped. Groups are great for making new friends!
  • Getting good exercise is essential.
  • Learn to be funny, but don't joke. Not every body laughs at genuine jokes (like knock-knocks), but pretending to be sarcastic and saying something funny after something weird happens will be huge with people.
  • Learn to sew/paint if you want to "design' your own clothes.
  • It's healthy to skip school once in a while, if you do not get sick a bunch. Don't do it more than once or twice a semester, and it is a lot safer to "be sick" than just "disappear at the bus stop," if you don't want to get in trouble. And try not to do this whenever there is something important in school, like a test.
  • Spend a day doing something relaxing. Take a bubble bath. Go outside and paint your swimming pool. But don't make it school or work related; this will make you stressed. Just make it pure fun and don't think about work or school.
  • Come up with a catch phrase, nothing downright ridiculous or stupid.


  • Being friends with your teachers is great, but don't ask a lot of unnecessary questions in class; it tends to annoy people.
  • Don't swear. Just by walking around and saying a bunch makes people tend to avoid you. By saying such curse words as F*** and B**** to people, you're popularity will decrease dramatically. Remember, curse words are designed to offend people, not make friends.

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  • Money, to buy clothes if you want.

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