How to Be Gorgeous and Popular

Whether it be at school or at the mall it's appealing to be gorgeous,cool and popular as a preteen. This article will show you how to naturally look your best both inside and out.


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    Have good skin. Having good skin is imperative as you wouldn't want to be stuck with spots! We all aren't blessed with perfect skin however with some work you can make it seem that way.
    • Drink about 8 glasses of water everyday,6 glasses is okay for some. Do this to achieve clear skin. The most you should drink, however, are 10 glasses as it is possible to be over-hydrated which is unhealthy.
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    • Use a good moisturizer. Read online reviews to see which work best; You can usually purchase samples rather than the entire product. Remember-Even though the product worked for some people it may not be right for you. Everyone has a different type of skin, therefore the same moisturizers won't work best for everyone.
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    • Wash with soap. You can follow this routine as often as you brush your teeth, after you wake up and before you go to bed. There are plenty of scrubbers made for face washing however wash-cloths work fine, too. Optional: Follow with a good lotion or cream.
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    Take care of your teeth! Brush twice daily. Your teeth are a lot like skin; Different toothpastes work better for different people. If you have yellow teeth brushing twice a week with baking soda can help however brushing with baking soda can damage your teeth enamel so do not do it often.
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    Have cool clothes. Wear things that match but remember to stay by a budget. The key to looking good isn't to have the most expensive clothes but rather to have the nicest looking ones. Thrift shops and Goodwill are always an option and can be great for designer clothes at cheap prices. Try to have a good wardrobe, too. Having at least six tank-tops,four pairs of jeans,a waistcoat,three jackets, two pairs of flats and one pair of boots makes for a fool-proof set. As you grow out of clothes sell them to consignment stores. Staying cheap is gold!
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    Be friendly. Try to seem like everybody's friend. Being mean or shy only results in less friends. Remember: You're always good enough and nobody can tell you otherwise.
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    Have a messenger like BBM,QUOO or AIMS. Email works well, too. Try to at least have a phone that you actively text on. Having some way to keep up with everybody is to have conversations at your fingertips. Find out what messaging systems your peers use and quickly create your own account. Having a good amount of contacts of whom you text a lot is priceless. These can also be the roads to learning secrets of your peers which shows you are trusted.
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    Have a best friend and always chat with them. Having one person that you stay connected with at all costs is great as it shows your optimism. Even if you think you are covering up any depression or hatred towards someone, it shows. Optimism is a thing you can't fake easily and is imperative for popular girls.
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    Always style you hair nicely. Try doing searches for hairstyles with your head type, hair color, or hair type. Be careful when doing extravagant hairstyles. Being over-the-top can make you come off as awkward and strange. Your hair has the power to change your entire look! Don't take it for granted!
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    Don't over-accessorize. Having your look appear cluttered is one of the biggest set backs you can go through! Five clothing and accessories together is a good rule to follow.
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    Always clean your bedroom. When your bedroom is clean you will be more organized, less stressed, and more clean yourself. Try to create a schedule for yourself on when to clean your room. The longer you procrastinate the worse your room will get. Spending 10 minutes a day is great to keep your room clean.
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    Have sleepovers whenever you can. Inviting people over keeps you in somewhat of an inner circle that no other event can overcome. If there is a school club you are in that is coming to a milestone of some sort, assume it as the chance for a party and invite some people over.


  • Stay away from tanning booths. They will destroy your skin and are much more harmful than helpful.
  • Eat nice home food and cut down on junk food, just not completely.
  • Have self esteem.
  • Wake about an hour before school starts.
  • Put Vaseline on eyelashes to make them longer and thicker. Do before bed only.
  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • Take multivitamins everyday, Even have the kids versions(If you think the adult ones taste bad) is better than none.

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