How to Be Good at Splinter Cell

If you are having difficulty staying alive try following these steps to help you.


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    Hide in the shadows, and preferably stay behind people. This way, enemies won't see you sneak up on them.
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    Never break the locks. If you pick them you will make less noise, attracting fewer enemies. Also, guards may raise an alarm if they find that a lock is broken.
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    Hang from ledges so you can drop down on enemies and knock them out.
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    Crouch when necessary. Movement while crouched is slowed. The slower you move, the more quietly you move, so you won't be easily noticed.
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    Avoid enemy contact as much as possible. That means using the air vents and pipes instead of the short and easy paths. The road less traveled makes all the difference!


  • Always be patient no matter how close the guard comes to you.Try to grab him instead of knocking him down.You're not an agent if you always killing someone!
  • THIS IS NOT HALO, and should not be played as such. Sneaking is always better than shooting, especially since the guards have bigger guns than you.
  • One philosophy on the game is this: You are not good at Splinter Cell until you can beat it on Elite difficulty (beat the game using no bullets). This only applies to Double Agent, since it is the only one with that level of difficulty. But seriously, don't be so dependent on firearms! They are effective, but they can be a crutch, lowering your skill level.
  • If an alarm is raised, don't be worried; it will soon go back to normal again,or you can grab a guard and force him to the intercom and he will tell the false alarm so you should be free from the guard's sight.
  • Perfection takes practice, so don't get frustrated. Enjoy Splinter Cell as a slow-paced game, away from the mindlessness of the average First-Person Shooter.
  • If you're going to knife someone, always go to the side of them. This way, you won't get hurt stabbing them.
  • Take hostages as well.


  • This game is stressful so don't get frustrated over it.
  • Never play this game if you are worried about it.

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  • A PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC or DS.
  • A copy of a Splinter Cell game

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