How to Be Good at Basketball Immediately

We've all had that moment where we were the lone player to be picked at recess, gym, or just hanging out and haven't the slightest clue about basketball or its rules. However, there have been a fair share of players that started out not knowing what they were doing, and still contributed to wins.


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    Know some basics: This is all you need to know: Your team wants to put the ball through the hoop. Your team also wants to stop the other team from getting down the court. Don't touch another player unless they touch you. If you want to move with the ball, dribble and don't stop unless you want to pass or shoot. Don't be afraid; be aggressive.
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    Don't stop moving: If you keep moving, you'll have a better chance of getting the ball. Even if you can't do anything else, get the ball so your team can have it.
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    Do what you can: Though scoring is more praised than other statistics, you can really help contribute to a win by getting rebounds. Whenever someone (whether on your team or not) shoots the ball, you can jump and get the ball so your team will be able be on offense and score.
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    Pass: Chances are, you aren't much of a shooter if you just started out. Passing to your teammates is one of the most important mechanics of basketball today. Bounce pass to a teammate who isn't near anyone so they can shoot unguarded.
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    Start small. If you can start off shooting close to the rim, that's wonderful. Especially if you're smart, you can calculate the physics involved in using the backboard and force to properly allow a basketball to go through the hoop
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    Have a Poker face. Sometimes, you can fool your opponents into thinking one thing with a well-timed fake. This will give your teammates time to get in position.
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    Use your reputation to your advantage. What reputation? You've just started playing basketball, so they'll know you're not great. At the beginning of the game, you want to act like you don't know what you're doing so they don't guard you. This way, you'll be wide open when you get the ball to shoot.


  • PRACTICE. This is how you can get GOOD immediately, but you only be GREAT if you PRACTICE.
  • Work on shooting. Start close to the basket, then take a step back as you get more comfortable with the ball.
  • Use bounce passes to your advantage. If you pass high, players will easily jump in front and catch the ball. Bouncing the ball pass defenders very quickly is an effective measure.
  • Basketball players love it when the ball is passed to them (obviously), but if you want to be invited or picked to play again, pass it to the team captains at least a few times. Players will appreciate your lack of selfishness. Everybody has that impulse to shoot, but only do that if you're unguarded and close to the hoop.
  • Use the backboard. Shoot at the square and hope it goes in.
  • Ask experts and pros of basketball for help. Even if you're not friends of them, they'll be glad you're coming to them as it helps them feel like a trained expert.
  • Never look at who you're about to pass it to directly. This telecasts to the defense what you're going to do.
  • Beginners usually shoot the ball AT the basket. It's actually supposed to be like a negative parabola, where there's an upside-down arc. This actually give the ball a better angle to falling in the hoop.
  • Don't panic in situations. Hold the ball if they're trying to steal it until a teammate comes over that you can pass it to.


  • When guarding a player of the Opposing team, make sure you don't touch them or you could get called for a foul.
  • If you have the ball and you dribble, stop dribbling, then dribble again, that's a violation.
  • NEVER... walk with the ball without dribbling. That's a travel and could actually make your teammates angry over your stupidity.
  • Don't walk outside the lines that are highlighted, or it could be out of bounds.

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