How to Be Ghetto Fabulous

Three Methods:Looking Ghetto Fabulous for LadiesLooking Ghetto Fabulous for MenGetting the Ghetto Fabulous Attitude

Ghetto fabulous is a look and an attitude. It's about making something out of nothing, about standing tall when other people might not find a reason for you to. If you want to look ghetto fabulous, act ghetto fabulous, or be ghetto fabulous, here are some tips.

Method 1
Looking Ghetto Fabulous for Ladies

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    Get your hair right. You may not be able to get your hair professionally done, but always have it looking professional. If you can, go to beauty salon to get your hair done. If you can't, ask a friend or family member to help you out. Make sure to maintain it. No self-respecting ghetto-diva would walk around with bad hair.
    • What kind of 'do do you do? Think classy with a tinge of urban realness. A weave or cornrows are very popular, but try to turn them into something fresh. You won't necessarily be ghetto fabulous if you look too "ghetto" or you look too "fabulous." Ghetto fabulous is about combining the two.
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    Get the nails. Long, acrylic nails are the most acceptable style for this look. Whether you want bold designs or bold colors is up to you. For more pop, get your nails professionally done. Look at photos of Rihanna's nails for inspiration.
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    Find the clothes that fit your most ghetto fabulous self. What you wear says a lot about you: Where you're from and where you're going. If you're using clothing to express your inner ghetto fabulousness, what you're saying is this — I may have come from the ghetto, but I have bigger dreams I want to fulfill. Dressing like this is a way of paying respect to where you came from. Pay attention to these general rules when dressing:
    • Clothes should always be form-fitting. Form-fitting is absolutely key! You want to be sexy and seductive without giving anything away. Remember, men like to use their imagination. Applebottoms are a good place to start for form-fitting jeans.
    • Your whole outfit should coordinate, both in color and style. That means for the most part, don't mix brands. Stick with BabyPhat for one day, Nike the other, and Guess the next.
    • Use black and white colors to help color-coordinate. Black and white are neutral colors that you can use to mix and match your outfit. Black and teal; white and purple; black and yellow. Bonus points for color-coordinating your outfit to match sports teams, local or not.
    • Satin and denim are appropriate year-round. There's never a wrong time to wear them.
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    Find the right shoes. Try to match the color of the outfit you're wearing. (Unless you're wearing Timberlands.) Heels and sneakers should usually match the shirt or "overall" color of the outfit. At the very least, your sneakers should match a small part of the shoe.
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    Accessorize. There is no such thing as too many accessories. If you can, carry bags that are current with trends. Often, this means getting designer bags; sometimes, it means something else. Some will say you are only as good as the bag you carry.

Method 2
Looking Ghetto Fabulous for Men

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    Be friendly with your neighborhood barber. Your hair should always tight. That means going to the barber to get done weekly or bi-weekly, not monthly. A quick cut will mean that you always look dipped.
    • Make sure to switch up the style often. You want to make sure that you go bold and do things that other, less fabulous people would never try.
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    Top off with a hat. Never underestimate how a hat can pull together an outfit. Try to match the color of the hat with the shirt, jacket or jersey you are wearing. For more ideas on matching your hat, look up rapper Fat Joe who has mastered this ability.
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    Be stacked when it comes to clothes. "And when I dress, it's nothing never less than Guess." Just like the ladies, what you wear says a lot about who you are. Men have just as much choice when it comes to what to wear as women do. Here are some quick guidelines:
    • Jerseys are absolutely essential. Bonus points for repping jerseys from your local area, although hometown teams are required. The ghetto fabulous rank and file often wear jerseys from teams based on their design and color, more conscious of the fashion sense than any pride associated with local competition.
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    • Collared shirts, polos and designer t-shirts are all ghetto fabulous. Spice it up a bit and make it more formal. Designer and/or collared shirts are all about showing off your fashion sense and your cachet. Again, what brand you choose is important. Higher-end brands demand more cachet than lower-end ones.
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    • Suits without ties can also be ghetto chic. Rock a suit with a contrasting vest to make even more of a statement.
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    Find the right shoes. Timberlands, Jordans, or Nike Air Forces are all staples that ghetto fabulous men sport. Remember, you are only as in style as your kicks so think about investing in the newest pairs.
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    Make the outfit complete with shades and bling. If Kanye would wear it, buy it immediately. Gold watches, gold chains, diamond rings are all statements as well as investments. And, hey — fake it 'till you make it. Not everyone can tell the difference between silver and platinum.
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    Make cars your accessory. The more expensive the car, the more fabulous you are. At least in theory. Some kings like Camaros; others prefer El Caminos. European sports cars and large SUVs are also hot at the moment. Whatever you drive, be sure that it's clean, it has rims, and it makes a statement.

Method 3
Getting the Ghetto Fabulous Attitude

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    Don’t care what other people think. You are who you are. Part of being ghetto fabulous is living your life the way you want to live it. In a lot cases, haters will try to bring you down, but don’t let that change affect your game.
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    Be confident. The look is bold, so you are going to need a bold attitude to match it. Always be sure of who you are, where you come from, and what you are doing. People can sniff out insecurity like a mouse after cheese. There are pretty much two types of confidence you can project:
    • Quiet confidence. You speak seldom and carry a big stick. You don't warm people about what you're going to do; you just do it. You don't need to talk a big game in order to convince people about your worth.
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    • Expressive confidence. Speaking is your way of convincing other people, of getting them on your side. You're the person who was thrown out of class because they talked too much. You're a smooth talker; you can convince people to do almost anything.
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    Be street smart. In order to rise up the ranks and to be ghetto fabulous, you are going to need to be sharp. That means you are going need to learn how to read people and situations. No matter how good you look, people will never look up to you if you're less than sharp.
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    Be proud of where you came from. Rep your city. If you came from the ghetto, then the ghetto made you who you are. There's no breaking from that history, so you have to show it respect if you respect who you are. Wear clothes that signify your local pride. Hang out in your old neighborhood from time to time. Give back to charity, whether it's money, time, or resources.
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    Act larger than life. This is really about nailing down the "fabulous" part of ghetto fabulous. This part is not just about bigger chains, faster cars, and more women — although they always help. This part is about acting the part.
    • A philosopher once said that great men are above morals. They're not like other men; you can't use the same standards to compare the two. That's a bit like what it means to be larger than life. Be so large that the same standards just don't compare to you.


  • Don't let something blow your confidence -- just pick yourself up and keep going.
  • Always stick up for your friends, and try not to let them down.
  • Don't try to pull this out in one day, as you'll probably end up being laughed at. Do this over a long period of time.
  • Don't say "fly". Nobody says that. (Example: These shorts are so fly!)
  • Not everything has to be expensive.


  • May cause fights and problems
  • You might be stereotyped.
  • This may take a long time, so be patient.

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