How to Be Funny at a New School

Having a hard time blending in a funny and entertaining way at your new school? By now you're probably a little shy with all the new faces, but when you're humorous no matter where you are, the new school won't feel so intimidating, odd, etc. to you. Here's how to be funny at a new school.


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    Say good jokes. Old jokes doesn't make anyone laugh anymore. Jokes that were only mentioned in your old school, and not really popular anywhere else, can help too. It can be good to make your own jokes, and have it all original, but just make sure the jokes are appropriate for the audience. Something that's trending in pop culture, can influence any jokes you can tell.
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    Be cool. Have lots of friends. Don't just be funny around friends and family, but have a good laugh with the teachers or staff. If you can have some good friends, then you're better off also, you don't need to always be funny around everyone (all the grades), but keep your funny self to your class/grade.
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    Always smile and laugh. It won't only make you funny, but it will also make you look pretty/handsome. Just looking and thinking positive is a great way to generate happiness to others, so when you want to be funny, your background is pleasureful to others and you. Laugh and smile as regularly as you'd like, but when things are serious, try to control it.
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    Don't insult yourself to be funny. You will look like a person that would do anything to be funny. Get serious sometimes, having a balance is essential too. All this can be, is just becoming more humorous and joyful when you're often feeling down or unappreciated. If your usually happy and positive, it won't be too necessary to be funny, just don't change yourself completely, so that you're devoted to being funny.
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    Be yourself. Don't act like someone else to just to be funny. Of course you could try to emulate what other funny people in history did, but be original when you're amusing. Make your own entertainment (like a joke of the hour, funny robo dancing, etc,) and share the humor with your friends, teachers, grade, or staff.
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    Don't make your main goal being funny. Some people have good sense of humor, while others doesn't. If you have good sense of humor, it will appear on you even without doing your best. Knowing who you want to be funny around, and their kind of sense of humor, is also something to consider.
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    Don't be boring. People won't like boring people. This is just about the opposite of trying to be funny! Always being motivated to be entertaining, and to be a hard worker when being funny and still living a tremendous youth, is a good start in the new school.


  • Some people are very strict and serious, so it might be ok to be pleasuring and funny around them, but sometimes old unhappy-like teachers/staff possibly feel uncomfortable around funny people like you.

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