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Three Parts:Being approachableBeing a social butterflyOpening gambits

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to be fun at parties. With a little bit of confidence and a relaxed attitude, you can be the life of any party.

Part 1
Being approachable

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    Smile as much as possible. Smiling is attractive and causes other people around you to smile too. Most of all, smiling encourages others to see you as approachable, making them willing to talk to you.
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    Tell a joke. Go ahead and be a comedian and tell a couple of jokes. Everyone loves a funny person, it will get you to open up and let people see your vibrant personality.
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    Try to dress well. To be honest, everyone knows what looks good on them and what doesn't, so you should already have a good enough wardrobe. Confidence is the key!
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    Clean yourself up before any party. Keep clean and smell nice, so maybe invest in some aftershave or just get some good smelling deodorant. Put enough on to make you smell nice and cover the sweat prone areas (armpits). Don't douse yourself, otherwise you will repel instead of attract!

Part 2
Being a social butterfly

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    Keep moving. Be a social butterfly and try not to get sucked into long and involved conversations (unless that's what you want). You'll create more fun at the party by talking to more people.
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    Go up to people and chat. If they come to you, fair enough, but try to "mingle". It's really easy once you've got it and it's a great way to meet new people.
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    Keep the conversation interesting. Unless it's been really unusual, don't talk about the weather. An easy way to start a conversation is to compliment a part of someone's outfit. If they want to talk, they'll tell you about it. It can be an opportunity to flirt as well. Be natural and easy-going. No one likes forced conversation.
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    Remember people's names when you are introduced. There are tricks for this. Every one is flattered when you know their name because it makes them feel special and wanted.
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    Don't drink too much. Everyone will remember you, but maybe not in a good way. Alcohol may be the ultimate social lubricant, but it can really hold you back, too.

Part 3
Opening gambits

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    If you feel a bit shy about starting up a conversation, try some of these "tricks" to get the talking started:
    • If you have another friend there, or somebody you recognize, they should be able to introduce you.
    • Pretend to drop your phone near someone. As you either get down to retrieve it, or they do, apologize for being a bother but then start a conversation.
    • Ask someone if they have change for a note. This can be helpful for an initial exchange but you'll need something more interesting to keep the conversation flowing.
    • Pretend to ask somebody if they're a certain person, for example, "Joshua Holmes" or another name. This is a great way to start conversation but have a quick save to reply with when the person says no.


  • Have fun! The most fun people to be with at parties are the people who enjoy themselves.
  • Approach people who look scared. This will make you and them feel more confident.
  • Don't eat all the time at the party––it can distract from people making free conversation if your mouth is always full; they don't want to see your food being mushed!
  • Try not to be too eager if you feel that the other person doesn't like you as much.
  • Help in the bar. Everyone loves the bartender, and you're less likely to get sloppy drunk if you keep busy.
  • Always make sure you have a designated driver.
  • Don't always be on your phone or social media , meet new people ,have fun and make sure you dance like no one is watching!


  • Be cool and don't over-think anything. You're not at school or work, so instead of using big words to talk about casual things, try creating big ideas with a small number of small words. People like other people who have a natural high, because it makes them feel high.
  • Don't use sexual pick-up lines or any pick-up lines at all; you'll get slapped!
  • Never complain. It makes you sound ungrateful. Plus, there shouldn't be anything to complain about. If you have beefs about work or school, don't even go there. Because you're not there. You're at a fun party, and you're a dork if you think that's all there is to talk about.
  • Unless you're a girl, in which case it is advisable to make sure you want it. For guys, they're "pick-up" lines; for girls, they're "pick-me-up" lines.

Things You'll Need

  • A good guest always brings something for the host. Beer or wine is appreciated, or you can bring a special drink or food that everyone will want to try. You'll meet lots of people you might not have talked to otherwise.

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