wikiHow to Be Friends With Everyone at School

Instead of being bullied or lonely during your school career, follow these easy steps so that you can be everyone's friend at school!


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    Be nice. Nobody wants a mean friend! Be nice to everyone, even if they are mean to you. Smile a lot and lend things to people who need them. Avoid giving people a hard time about things, and remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be nice to others and only then they will be your friend.
    • Don't be a bully! If you are, people won't want to be friends with you. Being a bully also includes spreading rumors and starting gossip.
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    Be friendly. Be good to be around. Instead of glaring or saying mean things, be bubbly and full of energy and be nice to everyone around you. Be friendly and smile. Don't ignore anyone and talk to them.
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    Be a responsible student. This can help your friendship career. Don't be one of those kids who's always ditching school and being rude in class or anything. Prosper in school and help kids who need it (without being rude about it). Get good grades in exams. Others will like to be friends with intelligent people. Don't be a nerd though.
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    Hang out with everyone. Compliment their outfit or hair. Be able to walk by someone and have a light conversation with them. Don't stick to one person either; go to many people and hang around them (one at a time). Talk about general things , and make small talk.
    • Don't take sides if your friends have fights. That makes your friends think you like someone else more than you like them. Stay neutral and don't strive for drama.
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    Reach out. People will not always come to you. Be friendly to everyone and then ask them out (not on a date; to the mall or something). If they say no, don't worry about it. There are always more people out there. Set an example and be the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with (but don't be snotty about it).


  • Remember not to be bossy or rude and make sure you have your friends' trust.
  • Always be fun to be with. If you are boring, others will be bored with you.
  • Always be nice!


  • Sometimes people think you are trying to be popular. Calmly tell them that you are just trying to have friends. Don't yell at them or get rowdy.
  • Don't bully anybody if you want to be friends with everybody at your school. This includes making others cry, spreading rumors, and gossiping.

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