How to Be Fit Without Stressing Out

It's hard to exercise all the time. Most people are way too tired in the mornings to convince themselves to wake up an hour earlier to RUN in a cold garage. Buying a bunch of fancy exercise equipment can just lead to a waste of money and the said equipment collecting dust. There is a way of exercising without stressing out and buying a bunch of things.


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    Play a Sport. This is the single easiest way to get in shape. Honestly, who wants to run on the treadmill every single day? Who wants to do a hundred push ups? Who wants to sweat and pant in the lone silence of their room? This is why joining a sport is such a crucial and healthy way to be active. This sport can be anything! Basketball, soccer, dance, karate, badminton, etc. Any sport that keeps your body moving.
    • Once you choose one sport (or more), you have to actively pursue it. Join a league. Join the club at school. Play outside. Go the local YMCA. Swim! Cross-country! Ski!
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    Create a Fitness Room and Follow the 3-Hour Challenge. Creating a fitness room does not mean spending thousands of thousands of dollars. Your fitness room could contain as little as just a nice big empty space and a yoga mat. Or, it could contain a treadmill, dumbbells, a bicycle, and all that other fancy stuff. Either way works.
    • Now, instead of making it a goal to wake up every single morning and do the treadmill, make it a goal to workout in ANY fashion for three times a week, each time counting as a half hour workout.
    • This means, if you wake up extra early on Saturday, head on over to your fitness room and run on the treadmill for twenty minutes, and then do some stretching.
    • Other times, this could mean coming back from school and doing push ups and sit ups. This could also mean going for a run.
    • Remember- only three times a week, for half an hour each. This is easy to keep up with once into the habit. If you’re having trouble, start with once a week and slowly increase it.
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    Stand and Walk More. Honestly, when do you ever feel like you’re lazy and inactive? That’s right. When you’re sitting down. When you’re standing, or walking, you feel active. If you feel active, that means you ARE partially active.
    • Remember to always listen to your body. To pursue this, simply make it a goal to walk and stand more.
    • Instead of getting a ride to school, walk to the bus stop. Instead of curling up on the couch for TV time, get up during commercials and walk around, get a glass of water, run up the stairs.
    • Volunteer to get something that forces you to walk or jog.
    • Do activities that naturally make you active, even chores: shoveling the snow, gardening, getting the groceries. The key is to not be on your butt.
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