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The NFL is the world's most famous American football league, and the pay isn't too bad either. However, you can't just walk in off the street, there are qualifications. These are some tips and what you can do to get a good chance of going to the NFL.


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    Have the inner desire. There are plenty of athletes out there with huge amounts of potential that lack motivation and discipline to reach that potential. You can't get in on heart or talent alone, but having a combination of both is the best bet. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can not do. Prove them wrong with your work ethic.
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    Don't be afraid to ask for help. You can go to a coach asking for advice or help or good workouts to do on your own; any coach who is worth half his salt would jump at the opportunity to help you better yourself. It's not a problem at all to request help.
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    Have the requisite experience. The more experience, the better. Going to football camps when you're young, and practicing with friends or by yourself is a good way to get prepared and learn the basics.
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    Play high-school football. That way, you have actual team exposure, actual game situations, and you get a feel for whether or not football is for you. [Note: You have to pass tryouts to make a football team].
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    Never be satisfied. There's always something else you can do to improve. There's people out there who would sell their families to have a shot at the NFL. You can bet they're working out as hard as they can and as often as they can for that opportunity, so you've got to step it up with your own work outs. Never just "make" the varsity team, prove to your coaches that you deserve to be a starter, and that you're reliable on 3rd down or on 4th and inches. Strive to be not only a starter, but the best player at your position in your conference. Don't stop there; be the best in the state. When you get to college, this hunger for betterment will impress the pants off your coaches and they will naturally want to give you the best chance to get better.
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    Excel at high-school football. The better you do, the better you will look for when you apply for college, and the better chance you have of playing college football.
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    Market yourself. Many people vastly underestimate the good a few minutes' worth of highlight film and a few days at college camps can do for their career. They expect college teams to come looking for them. Unless you're among nation leaders in stats and have the body type college coaches desire, don't expect much free attention. Ask for help from your parents and coaches to put together some film and distribute it to schools you're interested in, and even some schools you're not really interested in. Attention from one school breeds attention from others.
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    Be smart. If for whatever reason; grades, money, etc., you can't go to a division 1 college right out of high school, go to a junior college your first year or two. If you're a standout player on their football team, you can easily market yourself to bigger colleges. Many junior colleges or division II schools' coaches have some sort of connections with upper-echelon coaches. Your coaches putting in a good word for you to next-level coaches does a world of good.
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    Play college football. This way, the NFL can evaluate you and see how well you can play. The better you do, the better of a chance you have of making it into the NFL. Unfortunately, many NFL-quality players don't get college playing time because they sit behind the perfect college-level player on the depth chart. Don't get discouraged if this is the case, just keep up your work and it can pay off huge dividends.
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    Excel at college ball. The NFL scouts are constantly monitoring the top players at NCAA Division 1 teams. If you are a star, you will get a solid look from a pro team. At the end of your Junior year of college, every player is offered a chance to leave college and sign up for the pro-draft. If you accept, your college career is over, and you may be drafted to an NFL team. If you decline, you can try again after your Senior year.
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    Don't lose hope if you're not drafted. If, for whatever reason, you're not drafted in the official draft, you still have options. This is not the end of your career. Attend training camps and impress the coaches there. Earn your spot on the roster the same way you did in high school/college: by being a driven, high-octane player with the intensity to melt the equipment you're given. Once you've made the team, don't stop working. Being a bench warmer is a great way to get paid, but you won't get nearly as much money as if you're out on the field cracking heads and winning fans. The NFL is so fiercely competitive it's ridiculous. One day's workouts can determine whether you're a stand out player, or another guy filling a roster slot. By remembering this, always give it your all and impress your coaches and teammates alike with your I-want-it-all attitude.


  • Recognize that only the most elite football players make it into the NFL. Even the "bench warmers" were the best players in their high school or college. You need to be excellent if you are going to have a chance to play in the NFL.


  • Don't be silly with your workouts. Give it 110% every time. Do research and find out the best ways to get results and avoid injury. Also, always remember to maintain good fluids and to stretch religiously.

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