How to Be Efficient and Eco Friendly

It is possible to save time, money, and energy while going green in the office. This meets the "triple-bottom-line": People, Prosperity, and the Planet. Here’s a list of the things you can do to make your workplace both more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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    Tint your windows. That’s right! We tinted our office windows with a highly reflective film. Doing this has lowered our heating and cooling bills, effectively paying for itself over a few years. But ROI wasn’t the first thing on our minds – it was having warmer winters, cooler summers and strange people making faces at themselves as they walk by our windows.
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    Reduce energy spent commuting.
    • Telecommute. Only one-third of our workforce commutes to an office, and most of them travel less than 5 miles (8.0 km) each way. Telecommuting not only saves on carbon emissions, it gives people more time and reduces stress. Obviously telecommuting doesn’t work for everyone but those who do it wouldn’t trade it for anything. A happier team is a more effective, and therefore more efficient, team.
    • Encourage your employees to Carpool by creating an office or online message board or mailing list. This also cuts down on the number of cars in your lot, if parking space is an issue.
    • Encourage your employees to bike to work, safely. If possible, offer showers, lockers, and other amenities to make it easier for them to transition from their sweaty commute to office work. The increased blood flow and oxygenation from exercise should help your employees to think more clearly and operate more efficiently.
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    Have a Paperless Office. One of the top uses of paper is corporate printing. In our office we only have one printer and it is rarely used (it takes us over a year to go through a ream of paper). Not printing is a core philosophy in our company (especially with telecommuting) which saves us on all printing-related costs.
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    Have Paperless Brochures. One might argue that not having printed brochures means we’re missing opportunities to promote our products. However, our customers want our help achieving a paperless office too (we are in the enterprise forms automation business after all) so we lead by example. Eliminating paper brochures has saved us and the environment tremendous printing, delivery and storage costs.
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    Create Digital Signatures. Do you sign your documents digitally? We do and it is awesome. Not only do we not print our contracts, but we also avoid shipping costs and delays. Our contracts can be signed, emailed and executed within minutes for next to no cost. Ask me about our digital signature partners for more info.

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