How to Be Earth Friendly

Do you know that over 3.2 million tons of waste is produced in the World every day? Do you want to do something about it? Here's some little things you can do to help Planet Earth.


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    Plant a tree. Yes, it's that simple. Buy a tree, and plant it. Foolproof, right? Trees will help reduce CO2 on air, in simple terms and filter out the bad particles in the air.
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    Plant flowers. Another simple, and fun thing to help the Earth. You can plant any flower(s). Flowers make your lawn look nice, while they help, also,to reduce air particles.
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    Pick up trash. Is your town messy? Pick it up! Grab a garbage bag and go around the city collecting waste.
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    Pick up "river-trash". It's amazing what's in a river or ocean. You can find tires, chairs, shopping carts, and more. This will keep our water-life living to it's best.
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    No idling! Some states have an no idling law, which will help reduce methane gas being released into the air.
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    Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). These are much more energy efficient than halogen bulbs, and last much longer. Purchase CFLs at stores or online and use them in your house.
    • Make sure to dispose of CFLs properly. They contain toxic mercury, and so must be handled carefully. If you accidentally break one, step away from it for several minutes and allow it to air out so that you don't inhale vaporized mercury. Once your CFL has reached the end of its life, it needs to be taken to a toxic waste processing facility, along with batteries.
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    Do not use plastic bags. Over 100,000 pounds of plastic bags are in landfills every week. Help this by carrying your own reusable cloth bags, or, if necessary, using paper bags.
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    Shut off all the lights you don't need. If you don't need other light sources for your work, turn them off.
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    Purchase earth-friendly products for your home. Get solar panels, a compost pile, a hybrid car, or earth-friendly clothes.
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    Go to for more earth-friendly tips.


  • Follow these steps, and by the end of the month, your bill could be up to 65% less than it was before you became earth-friendly.


  • Every 5 minutes we don't do anything like this, a tip of the polar icecap melts.

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  • Lots of heart for the environment.

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