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There was a time when cute meant kittens, puppies, soft toys and miniature cartoon tea cups etc. Today, cute is used in place of attractive for people of a certain type. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes another person cute and attractive to them. That being said, feel free to learn how to be cute according to the opinion of the various authors of this article.

Method 1
Act positive

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    Be positive. Cute people are always fun to be around, and spread their joy for life to others. A cute person's warmth should be able to fill a room and should be felt from a mile away. If you want to improve your positive nature, there are a few things you can do:
    • Smile. Do not look like a goof when you smile; just smile like you always do. Be cute and happy, but not over the top!
    • Laugh heartily. Laugh to feel good, laugh to cheer up others and laugh with others. Make sure not to overdo it. Most people find excessive laughter annoying, not cute.
    • Have fun. Everyone likes a person who is fun, social, and outgoing! If you're hanging out with people, tell silly jokes, or play fun games.
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    Be demure. Shyness isn't a bad thing. It gives you a mysterious edge. If you're shy but approachable, people will keep asking you questions and will want to get to know you more. Shy, but sweet and bubbly people are absolutely adorable. Remember that you can maintain a positive vibe and be friendly while being demure at the same time. Here's how to do it:
    • Talk softly. You should still be able to firmly state your thoughts, but your voice shouldn't be heard from two rooms away. If you talk softly, people will lean in to hear what you have to say, and that will make you even cuter.
    • Act very innocent. Don't be overly vulgar or engage in conversation about inappropriate topics. Cute people are shocked by some of the more unseemly aspects of life.
    • Don't dominate a conversation. You can still be smart and state your opinion, but cute people let other people talk too.
    • Learn to blush. If you blush because you're a bit embarrassed or shocked by a particular topic, you will look very cute.
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    Be friendly. Cute people may be a little bit shy, but they are always friendly to the people they know and the new people they meet. Cute people are approachable and people always want to get to know them. Here's how to be friendly while being cute:
    • Be interested in others. Attractiveness comes from being happy, vivacious and bubbly. This translates to being a person who engages others in conversation, takes an interest in what others say, and shows a genuine concern for the other person's interests.
    • Take the time to really listen to people. Active listening is a very important part of appearing attractive to others.
    • Give compliments. Everybody loves someone who sees good in others and makes them feel good. It can be a great conversation starter sometime too.("Where'd you get your shoes? They're so cute!") Just make sure you mean it; say it in your normal tone of voice, not a squeaky, overenthusiastic one.

Method 2
Look Cute

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    Have a cute face and cute hair. Your face will be the first thing people see and it can go a long way in showing people just how cute you really are. If you want to be cute, you should make sure to wash your face and hair as often as you need to, and to always look clean and have a healthy glow. Here are some other things you can do:
    • Wear minimal makeup. While a little bit of eyeshadow or pink lipstick can help you look cute, you should focus on having a natural appearance. Decide carefully how much or how little makeup you think is appropriate.
    • Have soft, natural-looking hair. Your hair will look cute if you don't straighten it too much or douse it in oily products. Let your hair dry naturally and fall at your shoulders, or wear it in two loose ponytails.
    • Wear just a tiny bit of blush. This will make you look even cuter when you blush for real.
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    Have cute clothes. You don't need an entire wardrobe makeover to look cute. Having just a few key cute items and wearing them the right way can help you put together your cute appearance. Here are some tips for wearing cute clothes:
    • Wear a lot of pastel colors. A light purple, pink, or shade of blue can give you a softer and cuter look.
    • Wear cute skirts instead of pants - you'll look and feel much nicer and more feminine.
    • Don't wear high heels. Instead, wear cute clogs or sandals. Paint your toes a cute color.
    • Have a cute cardigan to wear over a white tank top.
    • Dress comfortably. Cute people should never look uncomfortable in their clothes. Wear comfortable clothes that fit your style.
    • Don't dress provocatively. Showing your shoulders or calves off is one thing, but wearing clothes that are too tight and showcase too much of your body will give people the wrong impression. Exposing your bra straps, showing too much cleavage, or wearing skirts that are too short or tight is not cute.
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    Have cute body language. Cute body language can help you project your cute look. The trick is to not be too forward, but to move in ways that are just plain adorable. Here's how you can have cute body language:
    • If you're standing, shift your weight from one foot to the other.
    • If you're sitting, keep your feet together and keep your hands in your lap.
    • Play with your hair.
    • Use eye contact. Eye contact is a way of engaging others directly. It shows interest, it shows that you are attempting to bring this person into your sphere and keep him there. But don't forget to look down at the floor or at your feet once in a while to show that you're a little bit shy.
    • Don't touch the person you're talking to too aggressively, but remember that giving the occasional light touch on the shoulder or knee will be just plain cute.
    • Cover your mouth when you laugh. When you cover your mouth with your hand as you laugh, it shows a sweet, cute, and slightly timid side of you.


  • Do not change your voice to an annoying squeaky wannabe cute tone. People will see right through you and that's not what you're aiming for.
  • Don't let your need to be cute dominate your life. Some people feel the need to be happy and bubbly all the time, but by doing so, they begin to think that they can never be upset. They become a crying shoulder for others, and are stuck carrying the weight of their own problems as well as the problems of those around them.
  • "Cute" does not mean "diva".
  • Don't think that being cute is being fake around others; it should come naturally. Your cuteness can come from the inside and project itself outward.
  • When you look at someone, keep your head slightly down and look at them with your eyes. Give a little smile.
  • Try not to yell, use a calm reassuring voice when talking to people.
  • Paint your nails with some cute colors, like light pink or light purple, but don't go over the top with makeup. Maybe just a little bit of lip gloss.
  • When speaking softly, make sure it's not too soft. The other person should be able to understand you clearly. Soft and clear is the key.
  • Twirl your hair with your index finger.
  • Remember, this is also a matter of perspective. People find different things to be attractive or cute. This article just aligns with popular culture.
  • Do not get hot tempered. Even if you had a fight with your friend or with your little brother. Act a little mad but try to forget about it.
  • Try to wear pretty prints and light colours like pink they make a huge impact.

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