How to Be Cryonically Preserved

Cryopreservation techniques have advanced in the last decades. Many people who have the financial means have made the decision to have their bodies cryonically preserved. Keep reading for steps to investigate the process and have your remains cryonically frozen after your death.


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    First know what the professionals do. Go to or, or The Cryonics Institute home page to find out. Make sure you understand the process and everything involved.
    • The first thing the professionals would do is to cool you down, especially your head/brain.
    • They would set a machine that pumps your heart to keep alive as much tissue as possible.
    • Your blood will be replaced with several solutions to both help preserve your body/brain, and to protect your cells from freezing damage.
    • They will slowly cool your body to the temperature of liquid nitrogen using a controlled cooling box.
    • They will then wrap your body in a waterproof sheath and submerge you in liquid nitrogen for long term storage until such a time as you can can be revived and restored to full health (this could take decades, if not likely centuries).
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    Speak with local funeral homes and inquire if they know of companies that can assist you.
    • Even though you are not being buried or cremated you will likely still need the services of the local funeral home to transport your remains and sign required paperwork. They may work with the cryonics company to meet your requests.
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    Contact companies that provide Cryonic preservation of human remains. Alcor and the Cryonics Institute are the two biggest CSPs in the world.
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    Check with their licensing agency and verify the center is in good standing, has passed required inspections, and see if any complaints have been made.
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    Discuss the process and understand what will be required in your last days.
    • In some instances you may need to make arrangements to have your remains transported to a facility.
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    Speak to your physicians and make them aware of your request.
    • Make sure your physician is aware of any and all releases and paperwork that may may be required. The Cryonics company will make you aware of the required paperwork once you have finalized your arrangements.
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    Contact the administration at your local hospital. This process isn't common and there may be procedures they will need to coordinate with the Cryonics company.
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    Speak with your family and make sure they understand your request.
    • Be sensitive. The decision to be frozen will prevent your family from having a traditional funeral.
    • If you wish, make plans for a memorial or wake or a service with only your photo displayed. This may help the grieving process and helps people to cope with your loss.
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    Speak with your attorney and make sure all details are covered in the language of your Last Will and Testament.
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    Coordinate with your attorney to appoint someone trustworthy who will make sure your wishes are met and you are frozen as planned. This may be a power of attorney or other legal representative.
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    Anticipate problems. Understand your family may protest this unconventional process. Have a plan to deal with family bickering after you've passed. Speak to your attorney about ways to prevent family members from altering your plans.
    • Appreciate the company could close, natural or man made disasters could take place or their could be a malfunction. Let them know of secondary plans should the freezing process be interrupted. Have these plans outlined in your agreement and make sure your family is aware.
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    Hire an inspector or a trusted family member to check that things are alright from time to time. Make this an annual inspection that is required by your will. If there seem to be problems with the company storing your remains your attorney or family can begin the process of having you moved to a different facility.


  • Although cryonics seems like an expensive procedure, what many people don't realize is that the cost can be covered relatively cheaply through life insurance. The Cryonics Institute in Michigan is the cheapest and most reliable cryonics service provider in the USA.
  • The episode of the popular History channel series "Deep Freeze" has information about Cryonics in it.


  • Keep in mind that nobody has ever been successfully revived as of 2011. Remember that the technology required to revive people frozen today will likely not exist until well into the 22nd century.
  • Do not put any part of your body in liquid nitrogen or it will freeze the cells and you may even lose a limb(however, it will not matter in this case unless you were alive)

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