How to Be Cool in College

Do you want to be that awesome guy in college who everyone wants to know? College is different from high school. Being cool in college is all about acting authentic, being kind and friendly, and having a good sense of humor. Don't be afraid to be "different" - unlike high school kids, college students embrace the unique. If you want to be cool in college, be you.


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    Don't put on a front. People can tell you are a fake right away. You have to be the real deal so be who you are and be proud of who you are. Think about how cool some of the things about you are. Most people have outgrown their high school persona by the time they are in college. If you haven't, there is a lot of growing up you need to do. College is a time to learn more about yourself and by the time you get your major established, be proud of what you are going into because that might be your adult identity and career.
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    Be kind. Open doors to people, offer some help carrying books, offer some help with homework, help a person find there way around the college. Niceness is what does it.
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    Be friendly. Try to make small talk with everyone. Make it an effort to talk to someone or help someone that you don't normally do each day. Don't be a stick in a mud. Try to talk about stuff such as weather, sports, classes, college life, travel, hobbies, plans for the weekend or vacation, movies, music, and favorite TV shows. Keep up to date with the latest celebrity gossip, news, and sports so you always have something to talk about. The weather does get very boring.
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    Have a good sense of humor. Don't tell dumb cliché jokes. Be witty. Look up funny stuff on the Internet or watch funny TV shows or movies to get ideas.
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    Dress in stylish clothes. You don't have to be Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian to look cool, or you don't have to dress like you have just come out of bed, since some college students do. I seen some come to school in pajamas. For guys, a nice button down shirt, t shirt, polo, or sweatshirt with jeans or shorts will do the trick. Hoodies are great too. For girls, a cute top with a nice looking hairstyle, modest makeup, and the like will do it as well. Try to dress according to your climate and your location as well. Many college students once they have declared their major start to dress similar to the way they will be at work, e.g. business casual for business majors, more artsy clothing for art majors, especially when doing internships, etc. Many will be wearing work clothes in college especially if they have a job after classes. Some majors will require you to wear a uniform such as scrubs for nursing or dental majors, cop outfits for law enforcement, etc. There are girls that are wearing dresses and skirts to school lately, so if you have a nice attractive looking dress, don't be afraid to wear it.
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    You don't have to party. Going to parties all the time is for amateurs. Drinking is a sign that you're not confident and you need to chug alcohol to make you confident. Really cool people do not need that booster. Go to a good party once in a while (probably a relative's wedding dance) but don't make it a lifestyle. Unless that's your thing, then do your thing.
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    Don't join too many clubs. Joining too many clubs are a sign that you are desperate and you just want to fit in too much. Only join clubs and activities that you are honestly interested in or related to your major. Don't join a nursing club if you are not considering nursing.
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    Show your dorky side too. College is the place where it all comes out. Don't be afraid to do something you'll regret doing since it is "not cool". Who is determining the standards of what is cool anyway. Everyone has a different perception of what cool is, and there are many other things that determine cool such as where you live. You are trying to hard. Relax. Who cares if you like Justin Bieber or watch Tom and Jerry in your dorm or even listen to Lawrence Welk. If you like Justin Beiber, don't be afraid to blast it out of your loudspeakers. College students these days like to be "ironic" anyway.
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    Get good grades. The grades are not a nerd thing. Grades give you something that is cool: A job that will give you the money to buy cool cars, houses, etc.
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    Don't be addicted to Facebook and other social networking and dating sites such as MySpace. Facebooking too much wastes time and most of it is probably playing some dumb game. When you are on the Internet, stick to more listening to music, looking up funny jokes and pictures, watching YouTube, and if everything else fails, study.
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    You do not need a girlfriend/boyfriend or to have sex to be cool. Sometimes having a girlfriend/boyfriend in college can take you away from the other cool stuff you can be doing or the main purpose of your career in college, to get an education for your future career. But if you find someone you like, don't afraid to make the first move. Remember there is a lot of drama involved as well.
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    Don't be afraid to express yourself. Don't be afraid to stand up what you believe in and to do what is right, even though it may be popular. Everyone has different opinions about stuff so be sure to respect other peoples differences and treat everyone the same. If you don't believe in having sex or partying, even though it is "cool", or voting for some political candidate that is not cool, do it anyway.
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    Have an open mind. College is a place where you'll be exposed to totally different cultures, races, nationalities, religions, political views, lifestyles, and ages, so don't be afraid to to think outside of the box and try something new. College is a place for identity formation so be open.
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    Remember what you are actually there for. In college is where your grades count; your GPA pretty much determines your paycheck so if you want bucks in the future, you should actually crack a book and study. You can still have a social life but the primary reason for college is to get that degree so you can eventually get a job. Go to class too; why are you paying for it?
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    If all else fails, take online classes. You can "go to school" in the comfort of your home, where you don't have to worry about fitting in.

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