How to Be Confident on Stage

Do you feel your legs trembling before large audience? Do you forget everything which you had memorized for discussion? You are not alone. These steps should help you boost your confidence before audience.


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    Understand that the people before you are not from another world. They're normal. They're human too. They have fears, opinions and values just like you. They understand stage fright, and they aren't here to set you up for failure.
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    Picture yourself pulling off your performance with confidence. Imagine yourself as a very famous person who is popular and revered. This will boost your confidence level.
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    Make sure you know what you're doing and how to do it by heart. Make sure that you know your lines, or at least what you're going to say before you actually do it. This way you don't feel nervous that you'll forget what to do or something.
    • If you're doing a debate or speech, research the topic of discussion thoroughly. This will increase your knowledge of the subject matter so you can speak knowledgeably and fluently.
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    Keep a mild smile while making eye contact with audience. They like this!
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    Keep your voice clear and sharp. It is not always necessary that you shout before audience. Average pitch is sufficient.
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    Don't rush. Take sufficient time for your lines or points. Be patient!
    • Imagine that you have been tied with a very thin thread which is acting as communication channel. If you move fast, you will break that channel!
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    Involve the audience in the discussion. Ask questions, include facts they'll be interested in, and tell short stories relevant to subject matter. This will increase interaction.
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    Remember, people will look up to you. This is nothing to be embarrassed by. They will see how kind and confident you are, and want to be like you. This will give you motivation to try your best and feel confident the entire time.
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    Be sure to end the discussion with a wow feeling in the audience. audience are hungry of it!
    • If all else fails, just remember that it is not life-or-death if you mess up something or act all embarrassed. Life will go on. The faster you get it done, the faster it will be over.


  • Get a good night's rest so you'll feel up to it.


  • Do not make silly behaviours like scratching head, biting nails, laughing suddenly etc.
  • Do not be overconfident. You don't want to come across as cocky.
  • Do not be under-dressed. Remember that your appearance matters a lot!

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