How to Be Confident During Your First Few Weeks at High School

Are you nervous about your first day at high school? Or have you already started, and made a mess of your first day? Then this article is for you.


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    Make new friends. If you are very shy, hang out with your friends from primary/middle school, and become friends with the friends they make. If you don't know anyone, talk to the people in your classes. A great way to make friends is to join some activities. That is a great way to meet new people that have similar interests and backgrounds as you.
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    Have correct posture. Stand/sit up straight in lessons, and walk with purpose. Hallways can get crowded, but keep your head up and you'll be fine. Don't just walk with your head down listening to music.
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    Learn well. Keep your grades up, and don't be afraid to ask/answer questions in class. This is the most important part of the whole article. You are in school for your education, not primarily to socialize. By no means does this mean you can't make friends and have a good time, but you'll regret skipping classes to hang out with friends if you fail. Also, don't worry that people will see you as "uncool" if you do well in class- most people will respect it, and those who don't aren't worth impressing. You will fit in some group in you are a normally sociable person.
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    Maintain your appearance. If you want, get a new haircut. Use anti-bacterial face wash every morning to keep spots at bay. Brush your teeth, maybe use mouthwash too. If you have a uniform, make sure you always looks smart in it. Sloppiness makes you look like you're not bothered with anything, and may even get you a detention. If you feel more comfortable with make up (and your school allows it), wear it, but remember, less really is more. No one looks pretty with layers upon layers of caked on make up. It's about highlighting your good features, not covering them all up!
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    Use accessories. Buy yourself a cool bag or backpack, and customize it (with buttons, badges,etc) if you want. If your school allows accessories, go for it, but remember to keep it tasteful and minimal.
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    Be prepared for school photographs. This step is for a little later on, but when school photo day comes, get a good night's sleep the night before, make sure you look good in the morning. If you don't have uniform, don't dress in the latest fashion, as it will date, and you will cringe years later! Go for the things that never go out of fashion. Don't do your hair and make up elaborately, keep it nice, clean, and simple. Come to school as you normally will be and relax when it is getting taken. If you prefer to smile, try to think of something amusing or funny to get that nice natural smile, especially if you have an overbite.
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    Stay healthy. This, like education, is very important. Eat healthily and drink lots of water. It's tempting to eat cafeteria fries all the time, but go for a salad or sandwich every once in a while. Or better yet, pack your own healthy lunch.
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    Beware of drugs and drinking. Depending on your circle of friends, your family, your environment, and your personal beliefs, you may choose to drink or try drugs. If you do choose to do these things, keep it to a minimum, and never before, or during school. Both drinking and drugs are addictive, and partying excessively can become out of control very quickly. Be smart if you decide to drink or do drugs, and never drive under the influence. Also, it's important to note that most private schools will expel you if you are caught drinking or on drugs (or in possession of anything illegal), even if it's outside of school. Don't let one wild night ruin your high school career.


  • One of the best things you can do for yourself in high school is to join a club or a sports team. You'll be able to meet new people that share the same interests as you, while having fun, being active, and building up your college resume.
  • If someone is mean to you, don't let it put you down. Most likely, they are dealing with their own insecurities. Be the bigger person, and find people worth hanging out with.
  • Doing your homework, being polite to your teachers, and participating in class will earn you a good reputation with your teachers. Having teachers on your side is always a positive. Teachers who believe you are a good student are often willing to help you out with homework, extend a deadline, and give you good references.
  • If you get lost, don't worry. Everyone will, high schools are big places. Ask someone in the years above you for directions, they'll usually be happy to help.


  • Don't let people walk all over you. While it's great to be kind and giving, you don't want to be taken advantage of. If you feel you are being mistreated, stand up for yourself!
  • While confidence is crucial, don't be cocky. Upperclassmen will feel a bit superior, because they have worked their way up from being freshmen and have earned the right to be at the top of the school. Respect certain upperclassmen things, like a seniors table, or an upperclassmen lounge. It will be your turn soon, just wait!

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