How to Be Confident Around Guys

If you feel weird even around your closest guy friends, or you just can't even begin to muster the courage to go talk to that cutie you've been eyeing for a while now, you'll be wanting to know the trick to treating the guys like one of your friends and to have ample confidence to chat away and feel comfortable. This article will cut to the chase and just tell you straight up what needs to be done.


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    Build up your comfort zone with rehearsal. While "practice makes perfect" is a total cliché, it is also true because you are doing practice runs that give your mind the cues and phrases needed to chat away comfortably. Do some practice runs in your head, and practice your expressions in the mirror. That way you have no reason to worry about that.
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    Dress for confidence, while staying classy. Whether you just want to hang with the guys to join in their activity or you've got your eye on a potential romantic conquest, dressing for confidence will help to boost your confidence. Wear clothes you feel good in and that suit your own preferences. There is no need to be wearing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and no need to wear anything that is unflattering because this is about your confidence, not .
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    Take pride in who you are and the talents you have. There is absolutely no need to dumb yourself down or to act ditzy. To do so is to hide your strengths and talents and to behave differently from who you are. Instead, have the confidence to share the person you are, to rely on your strengths and to involve yourself in conversations and activities with the guys that are interesting and intelligent.
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    Tell yourself your best qualities over and over again. Make sure you know what you have, and have a strong sense of your self worth. If any guy makes a rude or disparaging remark, knowing the value of your self worth and having a good measure of your strengths will allow you to counteract such negativity with the knowledge that he's acting insecure and you don't need to take his message on board.
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    Get to know the guys in the same way you'd get to know your friends. Ask questions, talk about life in general and don't be afraid to challenge them to discussions focused on vulnerabilities.
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    Have a great sense of humor. Laugh heartily, tell jokes and generally enjoy humor. This will boost your confidence and puts guys at ease as well. If you're not naturally one to tell jokes, that's fine, just learn to appreciate the funnier things and laugh along with everyone.
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    Be a little flirty if that's your thing. Not every woman enjoys flirting apart from when she's falling in love, but for some women it's a fun way to interact with the guys. Just take care to not overdo it as you don't want to give the wrong impression. Be happy flirty with all people, so it's clear that that is part of your personal style.
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    Go with the flow. Keep the conversation flowing by asking questions and keeping the conversation fixed on him or the group of guys. It's important that you don't let the conversation focus stay on you too long but that it gets shared around. Make connections to his or their stories, and show that you're interested in being friendly, part of the group and that you're interesting too.
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    Change the subject if things get awkward at all. Whether you're aiming for a boyfriend or just trying to have more confidence, make sure it's interesting, If you feel the guy or group of guys losing interest, pick up the ball, throw the awkwardness aside, and get it rolling again. The last thing you want is for the guy or guys to walk off in the middle of the conversation just because there was a lull in it!
    • Don't be afraid of failure. Sometimes guys feel awkward about a stranger crashing their group talk or they're just not in the mood to chat about your topics. Try again another time or with someone else.


  • Do look your best, but don't go overboard.
  • Learn to analyze issues quickly and efficiently. it will help in the long run if you can immediately come up with a solution for someone joining your private convo, disagreeable content in his ling life story, etc.
  • Make sure that you're not bragging. It's ok to remind yourself of your best traits, but I'm sure he can figure it out without you constantly reminding him.


  • If he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to talk. Don't force the conversation.
  • If he's just a jerk to you, is he really worth your efforts? Think about that one long and hard before deciding.

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