How to Be Confident and Self Assured (for Girls)

We all want to be that confident, passionate girl that we see walking down the corridor every day. Unfortunately, you're never going to be her. But, you can be as confident as her (depending if you use it in the right ways!). Here are some steps on how to build your confidence and feel better about yourself within!


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    Building confidence is just like choosing something on a menu - you have to look at the stuff you do like, and the stuff you don't. Make a list in a notepad of your talents and weaknesses, then, cross off all of the talents and focus on the weaknesses. If one of your weaknesses is stage fright, you can get over it in small steps; you can practice/speak/perform in front of your cuddly toys, then in front of your family/friends, then a bigger group, and so on. Remember:
    • If you don't overcome your fears, they will prevent you from doing something you really want to do in the future.
    • Stop thinking about what everyone else may think of you, and remind yourself that you can do it!
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    Do with yourself in general. Firstly, go to your nearest mirror, look at yourself for 30s and come back. Now, you'd be lying if you said you didn't give yourself a dirty look, or say something typically-girly, like, 'Ooh! That spot is gross!' Don't worry, it's natural. But to be bold, you have to accept that all girl has plenty of flaws; that's just the way life works. Now, go back to your mirror and say this to yourself, 'I am beautiful.' Tell yourself this three times a day, whether you're in front of a mirror or not.
    • Don't listen to what everyone says to you, or what everyone else looks like.
    • Don't compare yourself to others.
    • Spots, McDonald's cravings and all of your hated imperfections make you even more beautiful than you already are!
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    Look at what other people say about you. We've all had that annoying, stuck up, Barbie-like bore on our backs at times, and we've all been called this and that - and the truth is, we've all believed it. Yes, it may be hard to listen to other people make harsh comments about our appearance, colour, race, sexuality, etc., but it is just their way of getting their own problems out. This leads on to a whole other subject, but you have to ignore what other people say about you and remind yourself that they're are just jealous of your beauty!
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    This is also about changes, but your style is also very important to your confidence-o-metre. Imagine this: You wake up, get ready, go outside, walk to school, pass hundreds of busy people rushing to work, arrive at school, see all your friends, walk home through all the busy people, get undressed and go to bed. Now, close your eyes and think about 5 strangers that you saw on the street the last time you went out. It's hard, right? Yeah, it is, that's because not many people these days make themselves stand out! A few bright colours and the occasional cute top from the charity shop is great! It'll bring attention to you and show people that you don't care about anyone else's opinion. Whilst doing this, make sure you ignore the haters!
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    Work on your personality. Asking your friends, teachers, and acquaintances to describe your personality flaws in just 3 words. Take your list home and work on them. Strategies for changing your bad sides:
    • Too chatty: Tape your mouth shut at every family dinner for a few days. This stops you from taking part in the conversations/debates. Or, sit with your friends and ask them to talk about something you hate (a person, a food, a celebrity) and you cannot interfere at any point, or you have to do a really embarrassing dare.
    • Too stroppy: When you next feel moody, smile for a whole 2 minutes before complimenting someone you really hate.
    • Too loud: Whilst in a conversation with your friends, whisper everything you say.
    • Too antisocial: Don't use your phone for a whole day (this kills, but it works!).
    • Lacking in concentration: Sit yourself at the back of a class and do your work silently and quickly.
    • Disrespectful: When on your way to a lesson/walking on the street/at lunch, close your eyes and let a friend/family member lead you, so you can't give anyone dirty looks or comment on their appearance.
    • Aggressive: Next time you feel angry with someone, or are in an argument, walk away. If they don't let you go, just simply tell them that they have no right to keep you there.

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