How to Be Confident and Avoid Social Disasters

A lot of people suffer from self confidence and trust me when I say I have and still do. This article will help you if you are suffering too.


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    First impressions are important. When you meet new people, smile - this will make you appear more friendly and happy. Even if you don't feel happy, try to act it because otherwise you will appear more vulnerable and people will likely find you boring and grumpy.
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    Make sure you are punctual. Take pride in your appearance. Your hair should be well looked after, nails teeth and ears clean and good clothes are important, too. If your hair is scruffy, you smell and you have dirty nails people will not want to be with you.
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    Appear confident even if you aren't. If you are worried about your appearance when around people, carry a tiny mirror (small enough to carry round in your hand,) and look every now and again. check your teeth too. Then attempt everything that comes at you with enthusiasm. E.g school presentations. Do well, appear confident and you'll do great! If you do a school presentation and you speak really quietly or fast so people cannot hear you properly or you don't even try then nobody will like you and will sigh at you for not doing well and people will assume you don't care.about it.
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    Make goals each day. Make a goal to smile at 6 strangers, Smile at every friend you come across and maybe make someone feel better if they're feeling a bit rough today. You will have wonders of confidence. Plus, you'll be brightening someone else's day as well as your own.
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    Avoid arguments by being friendly to everyone you come across. Be forgiving but don't let them trample all over you. E.g if someone raises their eyebrows at you or doesn't like you (for an unknown reason) - "Kill them with Kindness" and they'll soon be apologising. Tell them you forgive them even if you don't. You need to learn that not everybody will like you and you won't like everybody you meet, but what does hatred achieve? Nothing. If you don't like someone, don't hang out with them and move on with your life.


  • Be nice at all times


  • Bullies can be a pain. If you are bullied, tell somebody, don't keep it bottled up. When you've told someone, find a new bunch of friends to hang out with (ones that have a slightly feisty attitude so they'll stick up for you if you get bullied), appear confident and move on with your life. Treat it like a little 'blip' and move on..

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