How to Be Brave on 'Rush' at Thorpe Park

Two Methods:Supportive rideThrill seekers ride

Rush is a brilliant ride but from ground level it looks scary as hell. Here's how to be brave and go on it.

Method 1
Supportive ride

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    Get some friends to go on with you. It's very helpful to have friends with you because it's likely they'll be a little nervous too but if they've been on it before they can tell you how fun it is and how you'd be missing out if you didn't go on it.
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    Don't look down. It really helps to look sideways when you're very high because you can still see where you are and you get to see your friends hilarious facial expressions! After being on it a few times you can try looking down.
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    Hold onto the bar. There's only a lap bar holding you in this ride but it's perfectly safe and if it had shoulder bars it would be boring! When the staff are locking the bars in place make sure you push your bar down nice and tight so you don't slip about in the seat, you will feel safe and less scared. never trust the staff to do it for you, they don't always push it down far enough. ignore what people say about how you feel like you're going to fall out, you don't.
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    Arms up! When it starts it doesn't go very high, it's fun if you put your arms up but grab on as soon as it gets higher.

Method 2
Thrill seekers ride

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    Try to leave a small gap between your hip and the restraint. This enables you to get massive airtime on the peaks of the swings, where you drift weightlessly in your seat.
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    Try to get on the right arm. If you look at it, the arm nearest the entrance tends to swing lower and less then the other. Ask the ride host to go on the further arm.
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    Put your arms forward, and your legs forward out straight. This makes your body easier to move round in the seat, again, giving you more airtime.
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    When you are going up, look up. When you are facing down, look down. This gives you a nervous sensation of adrenaline through your body and makes the ride experience more thrilling, as it feels like you are hanging in mid-air and are about to crash back down to the floor.


  • This isn't a great ride for those scared of heights but if you really want to go on it just don't look down.
  • Don't feel silly screaming, everyone does it.


  • Sometimes all the wind against your face can make your eyes water and people may think you're crying.

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