How to Be Beautiful when You Have a Disability

Everyone is beautiful, but if you lack confidence and keep your head down all the time, your true beauty will never shine. Keep your head held high, don't be afraid of others, and SMILE!!! True beauty comes from the inside. No matter what your disability...don't be ashamed of yourself. There is no reason to think you are "less" than anyone else. Disability or no disability, we are all human and we all have characteristics that make us unique from one another. Being beautiful has nothing to do with how much makeup you wear, if you have the best or most expensive clothing, or where you live; it is all about what you have on the inside. Remember your eyes are windows to the soul....and the key to true beauty.


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    Accept that you're beautiful the way you are. Everyone is different and special in their own way. This makes us all unique and beautiful. Thinking your disability has made you ugly will only make you self-conscious and uncomfortable. True beauty shines from the inside out. Work on being the best person you can be...not on looking like anyone else.
    • Read about your disability online to learn more about it. Read what other disabled people have written, and realize that you're not alone.
    • Each night, write down two positive things about yourself and two positive things about your day. As time passes, you will begin feeling better and better.
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    Be confident and secure in yourself and your body. No matter what your disability is, have the confidence to carry yourself with grace. You have acknowledged the attention you get already...don't let this intimidate you or make you feel ashamed. Hold your head high, return the gaze of people who stare, and explain as much as you feel comfortable if you are asked about your disability. Most people are curious, rather than disparaging. Talking with them lets people know how friendly and open you are....That small step will help your beauty bloom.
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    Be yourself. There is no reason to be ashamed of yourself, your disability, or its symptoms.Whether you were born this way or had an accident, there is not much you can do about this, except love yourself. Your disability gives you a unique perspective on the world, and without you, they would be missing something.
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    Be nice, be kind, and be patient with others. If you have these qualities, then you are beautiful... It is already visible to others, even though you might not have realized your true beauty just yet. There is always going to be some insensitive jerk who says something to hurt you. It happens to everyone at times and your disability is just an excuse for that person to take it out on you in this moment. Do not let this stop you from seeing your beauty. Ignore the ignorant jerk and continue on your way or find someone else to talk to or just tell a joke. Or even smile at the jerk and tell them to have a wonderful day! There is nothing more beautiful than true grace! Others will take notice.
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    Try to be friendly. Don't be afraid to engage people in any given situation. It might not be a good idea on a dark street while all alone, but, when in the grocery store, convenience store, or at a doctor's appointment, look up and smile at the person across from you. Recognize them as fellow human beings looking for happiness in their life.
    • However, don't worry too much about being social, especially if your disability interferes with it (e.g. social anxiety or autism). In-person interaction is not a prerequisite of beauty. If you prefer to interact through the internet, or keep to yourself, that's fine too, and you can still make a positive contribution to the world.
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    Keep a sense of humor about your disability. There is nothing more beautiful than a man or woman who exudes happiness with a smile on their face. Laughter really IS the best medicine! There is no reason to make other people uncomfortable by making fun of yourself, but a joke or two can lighten the mood. Smiles make everyone look better.
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    Do not try to cover up your disability. If you are missing a limb and have a prosthesis, most people don't really notice or care until you try to actively distract from it or hide it. People will see what you want them to anyway. Nobody looks like "everyone else;" we are all unique. This is what makes you special and memorable. What makes you beautiful is the way that you carry yourself—with kindness, respect, and love.


  • Be positive. You are strong for surviving a sometimes hostile and inaccessible world. Simply by continuing to survive and succeed, you have shown remarkable adaptability and fortitude.
  • Understand that self-consciousness and a fear of rejection is part of the human experience. Many people without disabilities feel just as self-conscious about their appearance as you do, even though you might think they have no reason to. The truth is, nobody has a reason to be ashamed of the way they look, not them, not you. They are probably a lot more accepting of you than you are of yourself. We tend to be our own harshest critics.
  • Recognize that it is okay not to meet non-disabled expectations all the time. Sometimes, your greatest victory may be getting out of bed, showering, and eating enough food. Don't feel ashamed of the things you can't do.
  • Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. Would you force a friend to hide a prosthetic limb or criticize them over their speech impediment? No? Treat yourself with that same kindness.


  • Don't change yourself.
  • Don't try to mask your disability or become someone else; you are beautiful the way you are. Your wheelchair is beautiful; your prosthetic arm is beautiful; the way you flap your hands and echo phrases is beautiful.

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