How to Be Attractive in the Fashion World

Have you ever seen those glossy women on front rows at Fashion Week, with their perfect hair and clothes and bodies? Not necessarily the most 'hot,' but by fashion standards, perfect. Want to get their look? This article will show you how!


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    Work on your teeth. If you're lucky enough to be blessed with perfect teeth, skip this part. if not, use it. First, sort out any issues you may have with them. Visit your orthodontist, and see if you can get braces. If you can afford the invisible ones, get them. if not, you'll have to stick it out. Wear the braces. After your teeth are perfectly straight, get them whitened. This also can get expensive, but is worth it. Be vigorous with brushing and flossing.
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    Take care of your hair. No matter how good you think your hair is, it could always be better. Visit a good hairdresser (not one that is unprofessional or cheap). If it's short, let it grow but get it trimmed every six weeks. Wash it every day if it's oily, or every two days if it's not. Don't use products yet. if it's long and thin, or too frizzy, have it all cut off. This will be painful. Let it grow and again, look after it. When it's the right length, have your colours and highlights done and it cut to suit your face. Look after it even MORE thoroughly now. Just don't overload it with product. Use a light hairspray after styling it.
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    Watch your weight. Don't starve yourself, but aim to be slim and healthy. Eat LOTS of fruit and vegetables, drink loads of water, and cut down on carbs and fat. Visit the gym at least 3 times a week. Do cardio work, and lift some weights to get toned. Females shouldn't worry about bulking up - they don't have enough testosterone to obtain extremely big muscles.
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    Take good care of your skin. Take off all your make-up EVERY night without fail. Cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. Once a week, you should steam your face, exfoliate, and do a face mask. Skin and hair are the most important features of your look.
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    Don't overdo the make-up. Have a happy medium. Don't pile it on, but try not to go bare-faced in public. Wear a well-applied foundation that reflects light and is the right shade, concealer over dark circles and blemishes, if you're the retro type, maybe an elegant flick of black liquid eyeliner on your top lid, otherwise just a light taupe shimmer eyeshadow and some grey eyeliner on your bottom lid. Well-applied non-clumpy black mascara, a blusher that defines your cheekbones and a light neutral lipstick(or retro girls, red lipstick is the best). Re-apply this throughout the day and watch YouTube tutorials to apply it WELL.
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    Wear what clothes fit you. There is no set uniform, though generally glossy fashion types (which is what this article is about) don't go too out of the ordinary. Always the highest stilettos Manolo has to offer, tight leggings or skinny jeans, or maybe a pencil skirt, or one of those Peter Pilotto print dresses or skirts. The choices are endless. Just keep in mind that this is a mature look, and fashion glossies don't do emo, scene, Barbie, or any of those other cliques. Another thing- have an amazing handbag. Expensive. You can get away with cheaper items of clothing as long as you spent a fortune on your shoes AND bag. Accessorize tastefully, and maybe add a Starbucks to-go cup. You're done!


  • Have perfect nails. Get a good French manicure.
  • Read up on the glossy lifestyle. High-fashion magazines, if you please.
  • It helps to speak another language. I don't know why, it just does. French is perfect. Have a stylish friend from there and jabber away on the phone to them in their language. This impresses. And insert random words from that language into your conversation.
  • Take taxis everywhere.
  • Remember to keep a sense of pride, dignity and elegance. You won't find a glossy flashing her knickers drunk on a night out, or screaming her head off at someone who offended her. If someone hurts your feelings, give them a look, say a comment that could leave em' speechless, and walk away with your head held high.
  • Get a business phone like a Black Berry or iPhone.


  • Some men might find this intimidating. Only a certain type of man will have confidence to make a move. Most men wish to, but they are terrified. If you like someone, flirt. But only with people you like!
  • You may be treated differently now. Show old friends that even though you're a new person, you're still you at the heart of it. Never, EVER sound snooty or smug.
  • Again, please, please, PLEASE don't starve yourself. Lots of people in the fashion industry do. Unless you want to look haggard, don't. You're a fashion person, not one of those waif-ish models.

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