How to Be at Home in a New Place

It can be daunting moving to a new house, new area, new school, new job, new family or even new country. Change can lead to some of the most remarkable times of your life, be you need to give yourself time to settle in and get used to it. One way to feel more comfortable somewhere new, is to find ways to make yourself feel at home. This article will help you with exactly this. Read on from step one below.


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    Be confident. Replace phrases like, "No, I can't" with phrases like, "yes, I will". This trite codswallop may seem useless advice as you struggle with finding your feet in a new situation or location but what it basically means is try to have a positive attitude. This may or not help you feel at home. If it doesn't, don't bother with it. This is an article you don't have follow step by step.
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    Make friends quickly. Make friends that will help you to adapt quickly, easy, right?!.
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    Be friendly to good people who are trying to make friends with you.
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    If some people are trying to be difficult, just leave them as if they don't exist.
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    When you are in a new place, just be yourself. Don't pretend you're something you're not, as it will be hard to pretend to be someone else and you will have to come clean about your true self eventually.
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    Don't stop the regular activities that you used to do at your old place, continue the good and fun ones so as to feel more at home.
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    In a new place or school, be nice. Make a good first impression on people, and you will settle in and make new friends faster.
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    Keep some things from before. You don't have to change everything unless you want to. Familiar comforts from before such as a favourite chair, toy, rug, pillow or bag can make you feel more at home. Use your old school bag, sit in your favourite chair and drink from your old favourite mug
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    Get into a routine. If you know what you are going to be doing when, it can help you feel settled and get rid of some if that listless, "I dunno what do with myself" feeling that can accompany change. Keep some of your old routines if you wish. If you always used to have a cup of tea at 5:45pm, keep doing it.
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    Use scent. Smells and scents are powerful memory joggers. Use scents that comfort you in your new environment. Perfume, aftershave, laundry powder, flowers, baking smells, scented candles etc can all be a reminder of the comfortable, settled feeling of being ' at home', even when you are not yet really there, yet.


  • Try to get associated with the customs and traditions of the place you live in.
  • If you live in a foreign country, try to learn the language. It will give you a good starting point in a conversation, and help you feel more at home.


  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not!

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