How to Be an Outstanding Teacher

A long contemplated issue. How can you be an outstanding teacher? It can be hard to balance fun and work, but when you've balanced it out, you will know.


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    Don't be condescending, but don't be too serious. If you start, in a syrupy sweet voice, say, "that's right honey! Good job!" to middle schoolers, you don't want to know the mocking you'll get. If you get in there and start with, "I don't allow nonsense in this classroom. So don't even think about trying anything," because that's a lot of what makes kids "try stuff." they defy authority because they want attention.
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    Know your audience. If you've got pre-k, use that syrupy voice. You get elementary, be the fun teacher. You get middle school, try to be on their level. This sounds weird, but with 5th grade and above, use the word, "crap" once in a while. Every teacher I know who said it got credit. Not too much though. If you get high school, really help them individually. Tell embarrassing stories about yourself. It makes you look confident and cool.
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    If they do something bad, guilt them. Example: let's say you let them talk for awhile after a test and someone starts yelling. Instead of scolding them, which will just make them assume that gets them attention which is what they want, you could say, "Not cool. I was giving you guys a privilege and (child's name), you don't seem to find enough for you, so you can go out in the hall and yell until you are ready to take what you can get.". If that's not your style, just, in the middle of a lesson quite nonchalantly saying, "out." you'll probably get, "what!?" so repeat yourself.
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    Start out stricter. If you start off as that teacher who let's everyone do what they want, they'll love you. Until you snap and become the really unnecessarily mean teacher. Just let them ease into comfort. Carry out your threats. Don't threaten to take away recess three times a week if you never do or will.
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    They will figure out your faults. You cannot hide to them how they can get around your rules, so make them not have to use that. Point it out to them that you know what they are trying to do (if you do.) say things that show your imperfection. Say you know the lesson is boring. Let them know you aren't just a robot programmed to gab on and on. Be yourself. Children say some profane and vulgar things behind adults backs, so don't feel like you have to put on an act.


  • if they need help, take the time to help them. They'll find hoe much you care.
  • if you don't care about the kids, don't become a teacher. It'll be a bloodbath.
  • say something funny on the first day.


  • different things work for different schools and children.
  • expect insults behind your back. If you catch them, all you should really do is say, z"yes, it's hilarious, right?"
  • Stick with your attitude mostly. Don't get louder and crazier at the middle of the year

Things You'll Need

  • Confidence, self esteem, a sense of humor, care for children, sarcasm, love.

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