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Ah, to travel the world, indulge in the finest things money can buy, and surround yourself with beautiful women. Not everyone can do it, and certainly not everyone can do it well. So if you have the means to pull it off, best do it right.


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    Amass your wealth. While personality and style are essential, nothing trumps the sheer bankroll of a true international playboy. Some are born with it. Some create their own fortune. Whatever the case may be, the player’s true worth is measured by his bank account. Picking up honeys on the Eurail is romantic and can make for incredible stories, but the hostel crowd is just not on the same level as the Hilfigers and Bransons of the world, no matter how good your game is. True playerism demands free time, extravagant pastimes, high culture and disposable income. So accumulation of wealth should be the primary goal for the aspiring international playboy. International players in training should consider a career that pays well and will get you overseas often, where you can make some powerful friends and dangerous liaisons. International business, finance, law, or marketing are smart ways to go. Entrepreneurship is always an option as well.
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    Get some culture. Being an international playboy means having an appreciation for high culture: wine, theater, art, philosophy. People respect a sophisticated and well-cultivated man. The true player must have more to offer than just money or looks; he is interesting, informative and witty. Being cultured will make you a better conversationalist and entertainer. Keep your options open and you will be rewarded. Even if you are not a fan of, say, opera, it is considered to be the highest form of art in many circles. Knowing enough to get by can get you much further than charm or money alone. You’ll also be saved the embarrassment of being outcast or thought an uncultured boor. Alas, money cannot buy taste. And no self-respecting international playboy should be caught subsisting on a macaroni & cheese diet. Sample the finest delicacies the world has to offer. Keep the company of those who appreciate the same, and their good taste will rub off on you. To be a true international playboy, make an effort to learn foreign languages. It is a great show of class and respect. And a few thoughtfully worded sentences whispered in a woman's ear in her native tongue will get you far indeed.
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    Dress the part. Every outing is another chance to show off your style and good graces. Whether you’re sunning on the deck of your chalet, or entertaining guests in your villa, dressing to the nines sends a clear message. Take this advice from international style icon and player Tommy Hilfiger: “You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season.” Designer clothing like Tommy’s is a good bet for casual, elegant style. Be prepared to dress for sea, sport, casual, semi-formal, or formal at all times. You should also have at least several custom tailored suits. The refined player is always noticeably stylish and appropriately dressed. Don’t ignore accessories. Your watch, tie, sunglasses, belt, shoes, and cuff links all subtly communicate what kind of man you are. Before you go mixing and matching, consult a stylist. Personal shoppers can also keep your wardrobe full of fresh clothing that’s new on the scene and sure to draw some interest.
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    Manage your wealth

    Yacht registration fees, Cessna hangars, and private staff - there’s nothing cheap about being a serious player.
    Therefore, the man who fails to keep on top of his finances is in for a hard and swift fall from grace. The money you’re not spending should be busy making you even more money. Invest in a diverse portfolio. Certain investments can be liquidated easily for fast cash. And make sure you know when tax time is coming around. If you don’t have an accountant you trust with your life, there are many tools available to help a savvy playboy manage his own money. Stay on top of your own fortune by using your PDA to check your bank account and stocks. Buying a bank could be a good investment. Whatever it takes to make sure the next time you buy out the bar isn’t the last.
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    Give back

    It’s one thing to enjoy your success.
    Wastefulness and wanton excess, however, are undesirable traits and frowned upon. The worldly player recognizes that his success is due in part to luck and circumstance, and that there are many people in the world less fortunate than he is. True worldliness requires recognizing that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Using your wealth to help those less fortunate is a great way to enjoy your success.
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    Do your research

    Watch the film "The Last International Playboy" to gain insight on how to maintain your lifestyle and truly be accepted into the world of wealth and high society.

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