How to Be an Inspiring Leader

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Leaders are leaders for a reason, they're nice, loyal, takes in new ideas, and usually the best at the thing they lead! But, people want someone to look up to, a role model, a hero, and all of that comes with the package of inspiring!

Being an Inspiring Leader

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    The first thing you do is Be Artsy and Unique. To be inspiring, you have to have something all your own. Try new things, make a statement, then you'll be an admired role model. Sometimes when you have a big problem, to solve it you have to be creative. grand! This doesn't have to be big; but doing little things that people look up to you for work just as well. Though, you must be brave. See Be Brave for more information.
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    Come up with new ideas. People sometimes take inspiring as someone they can build off of. Also being creative and colorful can help others depression issues. As you can see this is very helpful!
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    Role models need more then being handsome, or pretty, they need leadership! Being a leader takes guts. A leader of anything can do anything. If you want to inspire someone, do something People want to have new good ideas, inspire them by doing something good, like doing helpful things without being asked or refusing drugs. Some who smokes isn't a very good role model. It's best not to try it at all.
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    Leaders are usually good. Be nice but firm. If you see someone is in trouble, break it up, be the leader that you are, and you'll get respect. People get inspired by someone that helps them, or spends time with them. Although if it's not your fight stay out of it; if you don't you will most likely get into the fight yourself.
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    Finally. Be, yourself. You might need to act nice, but you're a leader because you were doing something someone liked. Don't change for anyone, people admire that you can be their inspiration, or role model. Hope this helped!

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  • Don't be afraid of messing up. A lot of people do that, and sometimes, it is hard to get better, but people are counting on you. If it's frustrating, it's OK, sometimes crying can help. And, once you're done, go back, and try again. It's inspiring because even though you made a mistake, people will see that you can do it, and it'll give them a lot of inspiration.

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