How to Be an Expert Spy Kid

Five Parts:Forming a TeamMaking a BaseSelecting GadgetsPutting the Team Through TrainingPursuing Missions

If you want to be an expert spy kid, then you're in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to be an expert spy kid!

Part 1
Forming a Team

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    Find people to spy with you. Make sure they are loyal, nice, pleasant enough to be around, and decent at keeping secrets, staying quiet, and spying.
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    Send an invite to the team members. Tell them to meet you in a secret place, and give them to the time and the location. Sign your name, but don't sign something like "Emily Shrender, Grade 8". Sign something secretive, like "E" or "ES" instead of "Emily".
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    After some time, check in on your team. See if they have some information and if you think it's good, then they can join.
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    Form a spy team. You always need a team, these are spy members you really need:
    • Head Spy - Is in charge of everything.
    • Vice Spy - Helps the Head Spy and replaces him when he's/she's sick or hasn't showed up.
    • Radio Spy - Should have a radio and know where all members are and talks to them.
    • Tech Spy - In charge of phones, walkie talkies, and so on. (Not Computers or Cameras.)
    • Computer Spy - Looks stuff on a computer. (Maps, phone numbers, information, etc.)
    • Regular Spies - Do most of the spying. (Should be two or more.)
    • Conclusion Spy - Uses clues and information to solve missions.
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    Here are people who get the missions ready.
    • Planner Spy - Plans maps, Plans A, B, and C for missions.
    • The Sneak - Sneaks around the mission field before the spies come to spy to make sure it's safe.
    • Disguise Spy - Makes or gets the disguises for missions.
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    Here is the last spy members list, mission helpers.
    • Mole - Acts friendly to enemy agents to get secret information.
    • Escape Artist - Should have all kinds of stuff for escapes. (Scooters, bikes, etc.)
    • Ninja Spy - Knows or has his/her own ninja moves, perfect to get enemy agents to chase him.
    • Camera Spy - Takes photos and videos for information.
    • Bystander Spy - Seems to be focusing on a book or game, but catches someone doing something.

Part 2
Making a Base

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    Make a base in your backyard, in the forest or even your room. Create a training area where you can practice spying. This can be your base too, if you would like.

Part 3
Selecting Gadgets

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    Get gadgets. These are simple gadgets:
    • Rope
    • Something to see better with, such as a binocular and a periscope.
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    These are harder ones to find:
    • Radio
    • Camera.
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    Make gadgets. Look online and do some research. Be creative! Make more than one so that if one breaks, or you lose one, you have one handy at all times.
    • An idea: Get an old DVD and a stick. Put sticky tape on the stick, then stick it to the shiny side of the DVD. Get someone to poke a long hole through the stick then get a piece of string. Put it through the hole and put sticky tape around the string and stick it on the stick.

Part 4
Putting the Team Through Training

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    Do a bunch of simple training exercises. Here are some examples:
    • Push-ups. (Might not need them, but helps you.)
    • Running. (Never know when you might need to escape with your feet.)
    • Lift arms. (Might not need them, but helps you.)
    • Jumping. (Might not need it, but helps you.)
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    Try are harder ones:
    • Perfect target punch. (Don't use it to harm, use it to break down doors.)
    • Stand on one leg. (Won't need it, but it helps.)

Part 5
Pursuing Missions

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    Find a mission. Maybe it's to find out who stole your phone. Can't find one? Just keep your ears open. You'll likely to hear about a mission.
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    Have everyone in their position. (Your room, outside, kitchen, living room, etc.)
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    Follow your leader. Your leader knows more than you.
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    Have fun! Remember to send invitations so you won't be alone.


  • Have spy book and a contacts list.
  • Don't let the target know you're spying on them. If you have spied on them before and you got caught don't be surprised if it happens again.
  • Avoid getting caught.
  • Make a spy utility belt to make sure your gadgets are out of the way.
  • Remember that if the person does not give you info on the first target, he can't join your team.
  • Remember always bring a notebook to save your progress in your mission.
  • Make a secret code.
  • Don't go out in the open, stay in bushes.
  • Make the spy members do spy training first.
  • Always carry a walkie talkie with you so if you find out something that your spy mate didn't you can tell them or if your in trouble.
  • Always know what to say if you get caught.
  • Always be alert.


  • Do not spy on the police: you can get big trouble.
  • Don't break the law.
  • You might be caught, if you do, tell the truth.
  • Never spy on your parents, or anyone you don't know.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Gadgets
  • A base
  • Nerf gun(s)
  • Paper
  • A book
  • A notepad
  • A guard
  • Cameras

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