How to Be an Entrepreneurial Mom

Two Methods:Becoming an Entrepreneurial MomManaging a Home-Based Business

Being self-employed allows you to create your own schedule, be flexible and even care for your children. There are a growing number of entrepreneurial stay-at-home moms who have successfully started their own home-based businesses. An entrepreneur is not just a working mom, she is someone who starts and assumes the risk for her own business. Becoming your own boss is challenging, so you must be task-oriented, organized and good with time management. Consider the many options for a business and take your time in planning it. Learn how to be an entrepreneurial mom.

Method 1
Becoming an Entrepreneurial Mom

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    Have passion for starting your own business. In most cases, entrepreneurs must work more than usual during the first few years in order to make the business a success. Passion and drive will help to propel you forward when you are trying to balance work and kids at home.
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    Become tech savvy. Many entrepreneurial moms work from home, using the computer, phone and websites to do business. Enroll in a series of courses that teach you to manage your email, website and finances.
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    Determine your business and personal goals. These may include working while caring for kids, starting your own business, doing something you are passionate about or being your own boss. For most moms, they want to combine their personal and financial goals, which leads them to be their own boss.
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    Research success stories from other entrepreneurial moms. Subscribe to blogs like, and Reading about opportunities for success may inspire your own business idea and interact with like-minded moms.
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    Develop your business idea. The key to a successful business venture is formulating an idea that will work in your life. The following are examples of successful businesses for busy moms.
    • Consider the skills that you have developed from years of work. Many moms decide they want to work from home after years as a professional. Chances are you do something better than most people, so decide what that thing is and try to develop a business approach.
    • Become a virtual assistant. If you have worked in an office and you have a lot of technical knowledge and experience, then companies and business people can hire you on a contractual basis to do data entry, set up appointments, write business letters, make calls, manage websites and manage marketing. You would be self-employed, market to professionals and companies and work regularly or completely from home.
    • Become an antiques or eBay dealer. The prevalence of online classifieds and auctions means that a savvy sales person can buy and sell to make money. It is a good idea to choose a few different products and specialize. Sign up for accounts, develop your credibility and find some storage space. Cruise Craigslist ads to find cheap deals and visit second hand shops when you have the time. The rest of the work can be done from home.
    • Become a personal stylist or organizational consultant. If style or order are skills of yours, then start marketing yourself to people in need of a life change. Volunteer for friends and family until you get a client list, and then start to market on the Internet and in print or on television. Much of the research required can be done at home or at stores, with the kids in tow.
    • Become a copywriter, if you have professional experience in writing or marketing. There is a plethora of jobs available to people who can change the style and tone of their writing for different audiences. Develop a portfolio, promote yourself online and apply for telecommuting copywriting jobs. You may be able to use your experience to work with businesses in your hometown as well.
    • Become a craft seller. If you are passionate about a certain art or craft, develop it further. Once you have an original product, make an account with and/or your own website and start selling it online. Thousands of people start doing this part-time and end up making a living from their creativity. Consider signing up for booths at craft fairs to supplement your income.
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    Make a plan. While it is essential for all entrepreneurs to have a well-vetted business plan, you should also develop a long-term personal plan, based on how much time you want to spend taking care of your children. Consider how your time will change as your children grow older.
    • Spend plenty of time developing an iron-clad business plan. You may need to present it to banks for loans or friends and family for investment. Include managerial, marketing, financial, demographic strategies and a calendar that extends at least 5 years into the future.
    • Develop a daily schedule. For example, read emails while the kids are in bed. Make calls and meet with clients while they are at school. Devote time to the kids after school. Return to your office when they are doing their homework.

Method 2
Managing a Home-Based Business

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    Create a dedicated work space. If you have an extra room at home, then turn it into an office, complete with a computer, printer, cork boards and a filing system. Separating work from home during the daylight hours is hard enough, so try to make your office as professional as possible.
    • Focus on creating a space where you won't be afraid to meet with clients. If you have local business, then you should be able to bring them into your office without being afraid of looking unprofessional. In some states, you need a license to conduct business at home, so check with your local Clerk of Court to see what the rules are.
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    Separate work and childcare in your schedule. Although there will be many times throughout the day when the 2 worlds will collide, choose times that are dedicated to work and clients and others that are dedicated to your children. Separating your time will increase your focus and productivity and help you to enjoy being a mother.
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    Do something healthy for yourself each day. If you find that you aren't exercising, eating right or taking time for yourself, you may become overly stressed. Take a walk, do yoga when the children are napping, wander around a farmer's market, or do whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and ready for motherhood and work.
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    Hire positive, driven employees. Most entrepreneurs need to hire employees to take care of certain aspects of business or watch over it while you are on vacation. Choose adaptable, trustworthy people who understand why you are motivated to make your home business a success.
    • Don't assume that friends or family are the best choice for employees. Starting a business with a friend can lead to problems down the road. Make sure you have discussions about how to handle arguments and problems within a business. If you hire an outside worker, you may be able to achieve a better boss/employee relationship.
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    Engage your children to help you with your business. Most adolescents and teenagers have chores. Don't be afraid to give them work-related tasks, such as filing, cleaning your office or picking up around the house.
    • Children who are near entrepreneurs may get a better idea about hard work and the drive to succeed. Encourage your children to develop ideas of their own, whether it's a lemonade stand or fundraising for school.
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    Take time management or organization classes, if these are not your strengths. Both these skills are more important in an at-home entrepreneur than at an outside job, because you are in charge of all aspects of your day. Attend a seminar or class to learn these basic skills.
    • Embrace technology to help you organize yourself. Many calendar programs are available via email, mobile phone and remotely. Update your calendar while you are waiting to pick up your kids or before your appointments.
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    Network with other entrepreneurial moms. These contacts can help you solve problems, use resources and work through stress. You can connect online or in your community.


  • Recognize if your business and/or your children would benefit from a nanny or an outside workspace. A home office is not ideal for all business ideas. As children grow up, consider expanding your business to an outside location, if it would be beneficial for your family.

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  • Organizational skills
  • Smart phone
  • Office space
  • Networking
  • Employees
  • Calendar
  • Chores

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