How to Be an Earthy Girl

Love the earth and want to be more of an "earthy girl"? Here's some advice to help you achieve this naturally, and with a minimum of fuss.


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    Get in touch with the Earth. Visit creeks, survive in the woods and plains. Adopt a feel for and appreciate/enjoy nature, in general. Take up daily or weekly walks in natural places. Start to learn the names of trees, locations in nature, landmarks, and different animals and how they live.
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    Adopt some outdoor hobbies. You might try swimming, hiking, mountain trails, and/or mountain climbing. Camping and trekking are an excellent way of keeping in touch with nature and your inner wild being. You could also try yoga outdoors. Sit in soft grass and breathe deeply.
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    Appreciate solitude. There's nothing wrong with having friends, but you should be able to enjoy spending time by yourself. Use this time for thoughts and for strengthening your resolve to help others in life.
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    Practice your artistic abilities. If you're out exploring, try to draw some things that you see in the woods. Or gather natural items to create collages (be sure to obey local laws on taking from the wild). Or take photos and leave only footprints. You should get a hiking pack with a camera, 'nature journal', a pencil, and other things you might need. If you see animal footprints then take pictures or draw them.
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    Be grounded. Remember your toes! Being grounded means being calm. It means thinking before you speak. It means being open and honest without losing your power. It means staying connected to who you are. Earthy girls are never rude or drama queens.
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    Try growing some trees - there are never enough.
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    Volunteer! Go check out your local food kitchen, animal shelter, or even a cool vintage book store. If you live in an area with lots of Mennonites your local MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) will have lots of things you could help with from bagging food, to organizing events, to child care. Use what you're already good at to help out!
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    Wear "earth tone" colors. The best colors include greens, browns, deep reds, muted oranges or soft blues. Keep your shades of colors conservative; shy away from bright, fluorescent colors. Buy clothes that will last forever - corduroy is a great example, and it's really soft and comfy - perfect for real earthy girls.
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    Use the 5 R's. Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse.
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    Always learn to love yourself. Learn to love yourself for who you are and also love others around you. A good amount of self-love will allow you to unmask your inner talents and abilities. Loving yourself is also one of the most important feature after the love of earth....


  • Have lots of hope. You may not be able to get others to do this, but if you do there will be one more earthy girl on this planet.
  • Candle meditation is also an earthy girl practice. Watching the flame flicker is a great way to get in touch with yourself and align your energies with the earth.
  • Never litter! Help clean up Mother Earth whenever you can. While you're on you walks and hikes, bring a bag to collect trash.
  • Recycle! Reuse things whenever you can. Make gifts and decorations from old bottles and other "junk."
  • Love yourselves lots and lots......
  • Make/wear jewelry and accessories from the Earth. Try learning to tie hemp for jewelry, belts and purses. Use wood or rocks for beads, not plastic!
  • Use essential oils to balance your energies. Juniper is a great for cleansing your energies and bringing you back to yourself.
  • Take up yoga or Pilates to help maintain a sense of inner calm, as well as to help you get in touch with the mind and body connection.
  • You might consider changing your dietary habits by becoming a vegetarian or a vegan.
  • Wear a sundress with earthy tones. It looks nice.
  • Let your hair grow out and be free. Don't pull it back in tight ponytails! If you have to tie your hair back for work, wear loose braids and buns.
  • If you're not religious (or even if you are) consider reading Buddhist philosophy books to get in touch with the spiritual side of your earthiness.


  • Don't forget to have fun too. Just because you're earthy doesn't mean you can't kick up your heels once in a while.
  • People might call you a hippie. Don't let it upset you, even if the person in question says it with an obvious negative tone. Hippies are actually very much like earthy girls and boys, you might want to be friends with one or two. But trust me, being called a hippie is not the worst that could happen to you.
  • Being earthy doesn't mean you have to retain your real hair colour - especially if you're going prematurely grey! But be proud of the grey hairs if you wish - they are just as much you as any other feature. A very earthy way of coloring your hair is with henna paste, which you can find in ethnic or health food stores.
  • Although essential oils are earthy and great for meditation, oils and scents such as Rosemary, wormwood, tansy, spike lavender (normal lavender is okay), and camphor can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy, as they are convulsant triggers for them. Eating or drinking things that have those herbs are okay, except for wormwood, which should be avoided.
  • The opposite of an earthy girl is a pie-in-the-sky girl. So make sure you ground your dreams in reality so you can make your dreams come true - instead of just being a wannabe.

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