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Throughout the years, there have been many Rights movements. First came the African American rights and the Women rights. Most of us think of equal rights movements as history. Today, however, there is one large rights movement that is growing larger and larger. It is the animal rights movement.


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    Start small. First, try becoming vegan or vegetarian. It is not hard at all and you can find starter kits on the internet. There are also many articles on here which can help you convert to an animal-friendly lifestyle.
    • Morningstar, Boca, Silk, Rice Dream, and Ener-G egg replacer are only a few example of animal product substitutes.
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    Be aware of animal cruelty in any industry. PETA has a lot of information on such topics.
    • Did you know animal cruelty is (usually) found in all of these places: Cosmetics, pet stores, puppy mills, the fur industry, the meat industry, dissection, and even movies with animals in it?
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    Pick a Cause. Start by picking a cause (or several causes) you truly care about. Then decide how you want to help. For example, someone may want to save the African Lions, now classified as an endangered species.
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    Once you have accomplished both of the above, you are ready to move onto the next level. Do small acts of activism, such as spreading word of the meat industry to friends/possible vegetarians or handing out animal rights flyers (you can order such items off of or Peta2 (same thing as PETA, but for teens)). You can also put stickers on things, but make sure you don't put them somewhere that it is illegal.
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    Once you have got the feel for small acts of activism, grow a little bigger. Find friends to help you. You can write to companies that abuse animals, you can organize a protest at a local fur shop, or set up a stand at a fair that educates the people about this movement.
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    Get creative. Are you good at art, music, or speaking? Utilize you talents to help animals!


  • Don't support companies that test on animals. That is a big no-no.
  • Report any case of animal abuse to the local authorities. Don't sit back and say nothing. Speak up.
  • Sport animal rights T-shirts. You'll look great and spread a good message.
  • Overcome fear. The fear of dogs is common, along with smaller animals like mice and snakes. To overcome a fear of any sort of animal, learn more about the animal you are afraid of. Knowing more can lessen your fear, and you can also visit a friend or family member with a pet you are afraid of. Start to have fun and play games with them, and gradually, your fear will go away. If you need to overcome a fear of a wild animal, learn more about them is the best way to go. The more you know about an animal and the more you see them, you will become more comfortable with that animal.
  • There's also musicians who play all sorts of different music and donate part of the profit to animal rights foundations. P!nk, Paul McCartney, and Joan Jett have done testimonials for PETA, the most extensive animal rights organization.


  • Don't be surprised if people think you're crazy for loving animals as much as people.
  • Don't do anything illegal.

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