How to Be an Airsoft Special Operations Soldier

Three Methods:Starting OutTactics, Communication, and TrainingAdapting and Learning

Playing airsoft is fun and can be very realistic and fast pace too. After playing airsoft for a bit, you may have realized that you want to be a spec-ops soldier fighting with the main force and you want to be able to know and perform advanced tactics, communications, etc. This article will help you with every aspect of fulfilling that role.

Method 1
Starting Out

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    What makes a special operations squad different then any other is tactics and how they fight. In order to play this role, you will want to learn the environment and flank the enemy. You should not be near the main force but be flanking the sides.. Typically you will want cover like in the woods along a creek. You will want to stay out of open areas. After you have looked over your map (obtaining a map is easy, look at the field's website to see if they offer one or type in the location on Google Earth and print out the satellite view), you will want to get a few people in your squad (3-5 people will be good). If you have your own squad then that is even better.
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    Stay as quiet as possible. Watch your footsteps, communications, and after every 5-10 steps stop and scan for enemies. Constantly be aware of your surrounding so you know what cover to go to in case of an ambush.
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    After you have successfully flanked your enemy, lay down fire on them. If you have any type of communication with main force (through radio, phone, etc), let them know the position your about to assault so they do not fire upon you.
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    After taking out the enemies, keep on the enemies flank or link up with the main force and finish the assault.

Method 2
Tactics, Communication, and Training

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    After you have some experience, consider getting a squad together for training and airsoft play. Having a squad will help you out greatly. Below are tactics.
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    Practice with your squad. Learn formations, spreads, and rules of engagement. Also, learn how to engage as a squad and also defensive tactics. A special operations squad should have a killing power far beyond it's physical size. Defending against a large group is difficult. One way you can defeat a large squad is by breaking contact and flanking. Your squad only has enough for a good 10 minutes of engagement before they are out of ammo. Be aware of this. In order to defeat a force larger then you, you have to keep calm and keep the fire on high. Listen to the amount of fire that your squad is receiving and the moment you hear that the fire is lowering, tell your squad to do a center split. The goal is to break contact. One person will suppress the enemy as the rest of the squad falls back. After that person has suppressed the enemy for about 10 seconds, he will fall back and has he passes one of his squad mates, that squad mate will do what he did. Keep repeating this process until you have broken contact. Once that is achieved, you can ambush them and flank them. At this point you will want to kill them as fast as possible and progress as fast as possible to give them little time to form a line of defense.
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    CQC tactics. Always have your squad ready to go. When stacking up, have them squeeze each others shoulder starting from the last in line to the point man. This ensures that everyone is ready and that the point man doesn't walk into a room alone.
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    Use military language and call-signs. Even better is to make up your own phrases for when your moving, when you tell your team to engage, etc. this will ensure that no enemy knows what you're doing if they happen to eves drop on you or your radio conversation. Use hand signals as much a possible and if you have to speak, make your phrases short. Before going to the field, ensure everyone knows the phrases so everyone knows what to do
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    Take your time. As they say in the SEALs: don't run to your death. Go slow and move silently. No point of rushing. Keep the element of surprise until the last minute. Don't flash bang through every door and yell everything your saying. Keep it silent. This not only prevents your squad from being compromised, but it also keeps the stress level down and allows your squad to perform a lot better.

Method 3
Adapting and Learning

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    After every single game, adapt your tactics. Learn from your mistakes and see why you got killed and alter that tactic to prevent that from happening again. Always learn and adapt. That is not only how you keep your casualties on low but it also allows you to be a lot more effective as a spec-ops squad.


  • When aiming, watch the trajectory of your bbs. They are more then likely not going to hit where the reticle is at.
  • Always move in an L formation on a target. Sure, surrounding the target on all sides seems like a good idea, but keep in mind your going to miss a lot and those bbs will hit your teammates on the opposite side of you.
  • Get your reload speed and your overall endurance to a maximum so you can be as efficient as possible.


  • Never aim at anyone that does not have correct protection on and/or is not apart of the game
  • Always follow rules and regulations not only in the state but the field your playing at.
  • Always triple check your airsoft gun is completely clear of bbs before setting it down. Never take off your eye protection until the airsoft gun's battery/propellant is disconnected
  • Airsoft can be fun but painful. Always wear protection everywhere unless you want 100 marks on your torso and minor PTSD.

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