How to Be an Airsoft Rifleman

A Rifleman is a general purpose soldier with no specialities. Simply equipped to attack and defend as need to get the job done.


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    Start with a basic AEG, but remember you get what you pay for so expect to spend no less than $150 on one. Never waste your money on a spring rifle and hold off on starting with a sniper rifle. Trustworthy companies for beginners (and also for most airsofters) include CYMA, G&G, JG, G&P, and VFC. An M4 or an M16 variant will most likely treat you best.
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    Find your nearest sanctioned Airsoft field. In other words if the property doesn't have paintball insurance you should not be playing there. Often local groups and organizations exist in your state. Its these groups of people you want to play with.
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    Besides a rifle one of the most important pieces of equipment you need is eye protection. Many organizations and Airsoft fields require full seal but even if shooting glasses are an option NEVER use them. Always wear full seal ANSI rated goggles. Options include, Bolle tactical, Revision eyewear, and others as well as Save Phace and other paintball masks. Gear is much less important. When you first start just jeans and a sweatshirt will do you just fine. As you play more you can pick up gear and camouflage as needed.
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    Treat your Airsoft gun like a real firearm, at all times. Always have the muzzle in a safe direction, know your target and beyond, keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, safety can and do fail, and do not point the weapon at something you do not intend to shoot.
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    Take care of your equipment, at all times. Keep your goggles in a case or a provided bag so they don't get scratched. This is very important not only for safety reasons, but for cleaning as well. If cleaned after each use the rifle will last you much longer.
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    Use good BBs at all times. Avoid BBs you may find at stores like Wal-Mart of Big 5, such as Crosman BBs. The best brands are Excel, G&G, Goldenball, and KSC. For weight, use no less than 0.20g. 0.25g is recommended for most AEGs.


  • For the higher end M4 or M16 variant I suggest KWA awesome quality guns.
  • Never jokingly aim at someone unless you plan to shoot them. If you don't intend to shoot it, don't point the firearm at it.
  • Starter guns do not last for ever they may last a year or two but if it breaks or you decide you don't like Airsoft your only out and hundred some bucks as opposed to 500 dollars. That is why you buy a started gun before a high end gun.
  • For those who already enjoy the sport and would like to actually get into it, a starter gun isn't necessary. Go with a more high end gun such as a G&G, KWA, TM, Classic Army, or ICS.
  • Never rely on a safety mechanism alone. They often fail, meaning the weapon will discharge.
  • My personal starter recommendation is the G&G combat machines REALLY well built great overall weapons and still in a good starter price range.
  • The muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction: anywhere where if discharged the projectile will not hit anyone or anything that would cause a ricochet.
  • You'll have more fun bringing your friends. Knowing each others' names really helps during game play to give you a tactical advantage.
  • Look up basic tactics on Google. You should know leap frogging, cover fire and how to efficiently work with specialized classes such as Snipers DMs and Heavy gunner to heart.
  • AIRSOFT COSTS MONEY. It is not a cheap sport to get into but in the long run is is actually very cheap to play but you must first be willing to spends hundred and hundreds of dollars before you can get to playing every week for 20 dollars.
  • Know your target and beyond: take into account that if you miss your target what will you hit behind it.
  • NEVER play on a non sanctioned field it is very dangerous and illegal. Many people I know started in their backyard and were arrested for it. The reason being, police officers have a VERY hard time telling a real firearm from a fake one due to the hyper realism. Due to this fact you can be shot or arrested for brandishing your fake firearms in public Police officers will not take the chance that its fake.
  • For eye protection Bolle Tactical makes very affordable, very safe, and awesome eye protection. Just make sure you don't buy ski goggles by accident. They are not ballistic-rated and will not stop a bb.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger until your ready to shoot
  • Airsoft is not the military and should never be treated as such. There are a couple common mistakes new players make.


  • Never carry you Airsoft gun in public.
  • Always keep you gun in a case and put a barrel sock on when off the field.
  • Always treat your Airsoft gun like a real firearm.
  • Always play on an actual field.
  • Never wear legitimate military ranks or symbols if you didn't earn them. If you weren't a Colonel in Army, don't wear the rank. If you weren't in the Rangers don't wear a Rangers patch. It is very disrespectful to those who have earned those ranks and symbols and have served when those who have not, wear the same ranks and symbols. Getting a group of friends and saluting each other and calling each other by rank and things of that nature is useless when playing and most often gets you laughed at. Just bring your friends and be normal and have fun.
  • Never play in a backyard, park, your friends woods, etc.

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