How to Be an Airsoft Pointman

An Airsoft Pointman is a vital member in a squad. The Pointman leads the squad through unfamiliar terrain and serves as the eyes and ears of the squad. There are many responsibilities the pointman must undertake or the squad will fail as a whole. The person should able to understand and use maps. Pointmen will have a lot of fun.


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    Obtain the appropriate gear.
    • The Pointman should have an ordinary AEG. MP5, M4,Kalashnikov etc. No MGs or sniper rifles.
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    • Appropriate Ammo.
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    • A reflex scope atop the gun, for quick, accurate aiming in short distances, or a scope giving the point the opportunity to spot at distances.
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    • Having a radio is good, but it is only worth while if the rest of your squad has radios. If radios are limited, give them out in this order: Squad leader, marksman and point. The squad leader, HW guy and marksman should never the pointman. The squad leader can give you orders easier, and the marksman will often be out of earshot and sight.
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    Communicate well with your squad. Communication is key if you are a pointman. Your job is to move the squad around an airsoft field (according to the squad leader's orders) and communicate any dangers or goals to the rest of the squad. The method of communication will rely on the circumstances. One method is speech. If you are not covert, or are out of earshot the enemy team, then verbally communicating with your squad is best. If your squad is out of earshot, use radios (if possible). Some key words for your squad to know may be: "cover fire" (shoot at the opponent(s) so teammates can move up or retreat without getting shot), "cover" (any form of shelter from oncoming fire), or "flank" (to move around your opponents to attack them from where they have less cover).
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    Understand that if you are within earshot of enemies, or your squad doesn't have radios, then hand signals are your best bet. Your team or squad should have your own set of hand signals. Some good ideas would be to have a separate signal for each formation. For instance, if your squad uses a line formation, you could put one finger in the air to signal that. You could also have signals for "give cover fire" and "move up". Just make sure each signal is unique from the other signals so there is no confusion, but is relevant to its order. You don't want three fingers in the air to mean "retreat", because that has little correlation. One good signal for retreat might be motioning your arm backwards or pointing behind you.
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    Move your squad safely. You and your squad leader should be in good communication, and the squad leader should tell you where to move the squad. It is the pointman's job to move the squad there safely. Now, obviously, moving the squad across a field with no cover is not the best idea, unless under special circumstances. Move your squad through areas with many trees and shrubberies, so when your squad takes oncoming fire, everyone can quickly get to cover.


  • If point sees something and need a decision from Squad leader its two options. Go back to leader or get the leader to you.
  • Hand signals. Use military you find on the net, but simplify them to suit airsoft
  • Distances: point - 15m, Rest of team 5m.
  • Point must always keep a close look at the squad leader.

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