How to Be an Airsoft Frontman

To be a good airsoft frontman you need to be stealthy.


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    Get an electric gun that costs $70 or more. Cheaper guns are often unreliable and less effective. Note: A multi-shot shotgun is fine as long as you can cock and shoot it effectively. Getting a single shot shotgun is usually a pretty bad idea, as you are shooting an often inaccurate spring rifle.
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    Buy as much (highly polished,high-grade,) ammo as possible. There is three common weights of bbs. .25; .20 and .12. Try to get seamless bbs, non seamless bbs can potentially break inside your airsoft gun, causing it to malfunction. Any weight is good, depending on your airsoft guns fps. If it has high fps, meaning its stronger; heavier bbs are good for you. But weaker airsoft guns, will need lighter bbs. If a strong airsoft gun shoots .12 bbs, the bbs will often be inaccurate and the distance is decreased.
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    Buy spare mid-cap mags(although hi-cap means you can shoot longer at the price of self-winding the magazines and making rattling noises when moving), a good tactical vest, and a red dot sight. Many real optics can be mounted as well, though these tend to cost much more than the airsoft replica versions.
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    .23 gram and .25 gram bbs are more effective than .12s and .20s, but have a lower FPS(feet per second). They will in fact reach the target faster (because of the increased momentum, which helps to counter air resistance). Again, stay away from .12g BBs for any good gun. .12g BBs are also much more inaccurate than any of the other ammo types.

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    Accuracy and consistency are more important than FPS. Heavier rounds will have lower FPS at the barrel, but will reach the target faster, and will give you more effective range (FPS does not equal range!).
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    Practice, practice, practice. You must be a part of your gun. Familiarization and skill with your weapons of choice is absolutely critical, and anything less will be that much more risk of you being on the losing end of things.
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    Gather an even number of friends and play and possibly make a team. 4-8+ is generally a good group size for playing. This means you can play 2on2 or 4on4 etc. Never play in the public eye or in your backyard if easily visible to others. Also, do not play inside your own home!
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    Get to know your opponents and their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Remember, being so close to the enemy, if you know the enemy's location, he is dead. So, observe well. If a teammate behind you gets shot, use that to deduce where the enemy is. If you hear the sounds of guns or footsteps, use that to determine the enemy's location.
  • Your opponents should never intimidate you.
  • Flanking moves- Get up behind the enemy and attack from behind. Go unseen and quickly.
  • You must be fast.
  • A short gun will make a big difference. less weight and smaller size will let you move in confined spaces with much more ease.
  • Speed matters. the idea is to get to a place where the enemy doesn't expect you to be, so when the round starts, start sprinting.
  • Always move. A good soldier always moves (makes the soldier less vulnerable). DO NOT be afraid to rush, often opposing teams lose when this tactic is used adequately.
  • Don't be afraid to turn the corner. If you peek around the corner, and you see no one, that doesn't necessarily mean no one sees you.
  • learn to shoot both left and right handed.
  • remember that the enemy will be very, very close to you, so you must not shy away from the sounds of gunfire. instead, remember that the closer you are to them, the less they expect you to be there.
  • Be as stealthy as possible.
  • Although shorter guns may be more effective in tighter spaces, location is always a huge factor. Having mid-field ranged, stronger guns adds intimidation and often have stronger power.
  • Ideally, communicate with your teammates, so they can provide covering fire, however, if you're alone, then learn to shoot while moving to suppress the enemy while you change locations.
  • There is two ways to hide. 1 go where it will be hard for them to spot you.2.Go where they won't think of looking.
  • Once you eliminate someone, move, because everyone now knows where you are.
  • Never give up on your objective.
  • Play safe and smart.
  • The weakest will fail at being a great Front Man/ Forward Observer.
  • Stand strong.
  • Take a long-range weapon (Assault Rifle) with you plus a pistol for close-quarters.
  • Try to establish a set of simple hand signs with your teammates to communicate silently. Just a simple set (stop, go, covering fire, enemy spotted are a few)
  • Having small objects to provide a shield is a very good idea. Having one soldier barricade other foreman while the front lines advance is a professional tactic used by Marines and the S.W.A.T.
  • Communicate with teammates using some form of walkie-talkies or other communication device.


  • Don't lose an eye. Great eye protection is vital. Glasses aren't always safe enough, especially in CQB. Wear goggles or a full-face paintball mask. Goggles tend to fog up, though, and when they fog up try to play anyway until in a safe area. There, quickly fix them and then get back to the game.
  • Follow all airsoft safety rules.
  • If the police come, drop whatever is in your hand, keep your hands visible, comply with the officer's every request, and do not move an inch unless instructed to! Airsoft guns are easily mistaken for real firearms, and if you aim your gun at the officer, they will shoot! Playing on private property with permission from the owner, well out of sight from uninformed citizens, is highly advisable and greatly reduces the risk of a confrontation with unsuspecting Law Enforcement personnel. If you play in a public place or on private property too close to and not blocked from the view of public land, you will get a visit from the police sooner or later.
  • Follow your State's airsoft laws.
  • Wear a tactical vest to protect yourself. This is not required, but a full plate carrier can protect more of your torso than a t-shirt or chest rig. The BBs, especially in CQB, tend to sting more often than not, and the more area covered the better. Long-sleeved shirts, sweat shirts, or regular long-sleeved BDU jackets are all good choices as well.

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