How to Be an Active Leader

There is a group activity, and you are the leader. You have the right position, the right plan, and the right people but you have no idea how or where to start executing your plan? Well, there are always solutions to problems and here is one.


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    Limit the options. If you have different plans and you want to discuss it with your members, narrow your plans down into 3 or 2. It will give less arguments to the group. People tend to think if they did the right decision after making one. By narrowing down the options, you are able to avoid confusion from people you work with.
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    Give deadlines. If you assigned different tasks to your members, you should give them a specific deadline for that certain task. You should also give consequences if they accomplished their task before the deadline. People tend to think that there is plenty of time to work if you give them a month to do the task. By giving them 3 days, 5 days, or a week, you will be able to get results from them as soon as you need it.
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    Expect them to follow you. If you give trust to your members, your members will return it to you. People do what they are expected to do because they do not want to damage their reputation. One powerful statement will be surely make a person do what you want them to do. "I know that you are a very hardworking person, I entrust you the task of compiling these files and putting them in an envelop. I need it by Tuesday." This powerful statement will surely make that person to do the task, because that person has the inner thought that if he did not do this task, his reputation as a very hardworking person will be damage. You just have to trust your members and they will trust you back.
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    Understand and use The Law of Inertia. Things that in motion, stays in motion. This law is also applicable to us people, this explains why we do not want to get up from our bed every morning when we have to go to work. We are at rest and therefore, stays at rest.
    • To make your members do their tasks, you'll need a starter. To make them start big tasks, ask first to do small tasks. If they did the smaller task, they would be likely to do the bigger task afterwards. See how it accelerates just like motion? It applies to human behavior too.
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    Give objectives, not tutorials. Lastly, You should give them just the objectives and not how its done. You will be surprised by the results if you let your members do the task on their own way.
    • People work in their optimal state if they have confidence. When you give them freedom, you give them confidence. If your member doesn't really know how its done, then its the time you show it to him.
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  • Never push your member to do a task if he says that he cannot or do not know how to do it.
  • Always recognize your members if they did a good job on their work.
  • don't forget to use the "powerful statement" to pursue a person to do his task.
  • As a leader, you should only control the macro, or the bigger picture but if there is a need for you to interfere, ask your members about it.
  • Always be positive about your group. Believe in your group, see your group as a success.

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