How to Be Active Before Work

If you're not excited about exercising after work because you feel tired and lunchtimes are already too busy, a great plan can be to start exercising before work. Exercising in the early morning can give you an energetic boost and lift your mood before the day begins; it certainly clears out the sleepy cobwebs! This article explains how to get started on being active before work.


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    Decide on whether you want to exercise indoors or outdoors. Outdoors gives you a wider range of opportunities but you need to take into account weather, safety, suitability of local environments, etc. when deciding whether indoors or outdoors is best for you. It will probably work out best to combine both if possible, dependent on the season, etc.
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    Decide whether you are able to exercise before or after breakfast. Some people exercise better on an empty stomach, while others need the fuel to get going. It might be a compromise of having a piece of fruit and a drink of water before exercise, and eating breakfast after. However, if you do not eat before your exercise, avoid over-exertion, as this could lead to dangerous drops in your blood glucose level. You should never feel faint or woozy. It is best to bring a snack, like a sports gel or granola bar, with you, just in case you need it to get home. See also How to Feel Like Eating Breakfast First Thing in the Morning.
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    Think about the types of indoor exercise activities that might be suitable. Indoor exercise possibilities include:
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    Think about the types of outdoor exercise activities that might be suitable. Outdoor exercise possibilities include:
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    Develop a routine. If you find it hard at first to get up earlier to exercise, start gradually and work up to a new time. Try getting up 10 minutes earlier for one week, then another 10 minutes the next week, and so on, until you feel ready to get up in enough time to achieve some good exercise in the morning before work. Pat yourself on the back for even small improvements in your frequency of exercise. Then you'll be more motivated to improve.
    • If you have trouble getting up and out of bed, try sleeping in your gym clothes for the first few days (or weeks). That way, nothing can deter you or make you lose your motivation in the morning. Just shoot out of bed, brush your teeth and grab your gym bag. Once you feel you've got the routine down, go back to normal.
    • Don't forget to pack your gym bag, as well as your breakfast and/or lunch the night before so you can just grab and go.
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    Eat a healthy breakfast. This is your fuel for the day and will help to keep you energized. Good choices include:
    • Wholemeal cereals, porridge/oatmeal (see How to Make Olympic Oatmeal)
    • Wholegrain breads
    • Fruit
    • Omelets or hard-boiled eggs
    • Baked beans
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    Find a buddy. If you can get someone to exercise with you every morning, you will experience the added incentive of feeling obliged to get up on time to not let them down. It works both ways–they will feel obliged to not let you down! It is also a great way to start the day sharing your thoughts and stories as you exercise together.


  • If you are exercising on the way to work, it's a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes at work. If your work has showering facilities, make the most of them.

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