How to Be Accepted by Your New Cheer Squad

Two Parts:Comporting yourself respectfullyBeing a great team member

Whenever you first enter a team, you're the new person. If you feel that you have something to prove, you probably do, but mostly it is about proving you're a team spirited person ready to look out for teammates and that you're prepared to do your very best. Even on a steep learning curve in your cheer squad, you can do things that will help you to fit in quickly.

Part 1
Comporting yourself respectfully

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    Be polite and friendly. When you first meet your new cheer squad teammates, be courteous to them and ask them about themselves. Do not begin your new journey by trying to hog the limelight and inform them how good you are at cheerleading moves. Instead, make it clear that you're interested in your other team members and want to learn more about them.
    • Ask questions about their cheerleading experiences and how long they have been in the squad.
    • Be genuinely interested in their experiences. You may learn some very useful information from the very beginning.
    • Ensure that you speak to every member of the squad, so that nobody feels left out or snubbed.
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    Be supportive and helpful. During practice sessions, help your team members if they need it. Pass the water bottle, make space on the mats and offer helpful tips here and there if you can see anyone struggling.
    • Do not gossip or say unkind things about your team members. Even if you think you have singled out a trusted team member to do such things with, it will get back to the others eventually and they won't trust you. Realize that being mean is often a reflection of feeling left out or unqualified, so put your energies into improving your skills instead.
    • Avoid being bossy with advice. If someone needs help, that's a great opportunity to step in and offer it. On the other hand, constantly asking your team members to change the way that they do things will soon grow irritating and they'll be worried that you think you know better.
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    Be ambitious but not malicious. If you want to be the head of the cheer squad some day, that's a great goal. However, don't make this obvious from the start or constantly undermine the leader. Bide your time, learn well and wait for the right opportunity down the track. You will be a more successful leader if your team knows you well, trusts you and believes that you worked hard to get into that role.
    • Do not spread gossip, make unkind statements or undermine the team leadership. If you feel that something needs to be changed, use constructive questions to ask why something is done the way that it is, then make suggestions for changes in a polite and respectful way. If your suggestions aren't accepted, live with it and stay supportive of your team. You will have your chance some day.

Part 2
Being a great team member

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    Fit in. Get the uniform needed, wear the right shoes and do your hair as they recommend for the team. Do all of the things that help you form part of the team and ensure the smooth running of it.
    • If you don't know what is expected, never be afraid to ask. Ask the team leader, ask a friend on the team or check the website or manuals for help. It is better to find out than to have to undo making an error that could have been easily avoided.
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    Turn up on time. Always be on time for practices and actual events. Being late is an easy way to get your team members offside as they'll dislike your unreliability. By being on time, and ready to get on with things, you'll earn a reputation for reliability and that is something valued highly in a team.
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    Know the moves. When you're new, it can take time to get across the new moves. Don't let this become an issue for the team––practice until you can do the moves well. Ask team members to help guide you; you should find that there are always those who love the role of teaching a newbie and will be more than happy to ensure that you get your moves right. After all, it benefits the team as a whole.
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    Keep fit. Stay active and eat healthily so that you can give your best performance for each week. If you need tips on keeping fit, ask the other team members what they do, so that you can learn from their experiences and tailor these to your own situation.
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    Show your enthusiasm. Be an enthusiastic, caring and engaged member of your cheer squad. Talk about your participation proudly with others, and promote the activities of the squad whenever you can. Always be positive about it in public and help others to see that you genuinely care about being a part of the squad.


  • Being team spirited is important in many endeavors. What you learn by being part of a cheer squad will help you throughout your life.


  • If there is any jealousy in the team directed toward you, stay polite and friendly. It may be as a result of a misunderstanding or it may simply be because they feel jealous of something about you but you can't do much about it. The best thing is to remain courteous toward them at all times, so that they can't see it getting to you and eventually they'll realize you aren't going to react to them.
  • If you don't like anything about the cheer squad, try to deal with it instead of gossiping about it or complaining outside of the team. Talk to the leadership of the squad, talk directly to the members or talk to a coach or teacher, seeking a constructive resolution to problems. Your positive approach to seeking constructive changes will be viewed more favorably if you stay upbeat and keep team secrets mute.

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