How to Be Accepted by Your Form or Class (Girls)

A guide to becoming more accepted by your peers. Your classmates might not be so bad once you get to know them.


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    Keep in mind that all people in the world are equal to you. No one is better or worse than you! Don't try to change yourself, as there will never be another person like you in the future. If the snotty girl in your class beats you down and insists that she is better than you, ignore her and know that she is lying to make herself feel good. Don't let anyone's negativity get to you!
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    Have a smile and try to look inviting. Avoid frowning or having a sullen face around others. Being surly causes people to avoid you or form incorrect ideas about your personality. Push yourself to talk to others and start conversations; don't just sit alone and wait for someone to come talk to you! Refrain from excessive shyness; there have been many incidents in which a shy person has been thought to be snobby, when they really were not!
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    Do not behave in a way that may make others uncomfortable, including swearing, being mean, yelling, and saying rude things. People tend to avoid those that are embarrassing to everyone as a whole. Be humorous, but know your limits and keep your witty comments within the boundaries.
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    Refrain from talking extremely loudly, but be careful not to be so quiet that no one understands you. Keep your voice at an appropriate and level volume, and make sure you are enunciating your words correctly.
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    Involve yourself by being friendly to people in your class. Hopefully, they will return the favor and include you in their groups and conversations. Avoid appearing like a loner and never sit by yourself. Always look for a good, friendly group to sit with; avoid the snobby groups!
    • Treat everyone neutrally, even those that you dislike. This way, people will look up to you as a nice person and you will have an excellent reputation all around. You don't have to put on a show and act fake towards everyone!
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    Try to look clean and make good first impressions. People are more likely to remember you if you look like a nice person. They will also remember if you smell bad, so be careful. Daily showers and a nice smelling deodorant/perfume should be enough to leave a good impression. Have decent clothes, but avoid dressing smartly or sloppily.
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    Find some common ground between yourself and the people you are attempting to befriend. Having reason for a discussion goes a long way. Always ask questions about themselves. Normally, people love to talk about themselves, but don't let them talk all the time! Insert a few words here and there, listen earnestly, and focus all your concentration on them. Keep eye contact and don't let your eyes roam around the room. If people feel like you aren't listening to them, they will refuse to talk and that will result in an awkward pause or end.
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    Be yourself and show your personality, for as time goes on, it is very difficult to continuously keep up an act. Do not tell lies just to make yourself look good - eventually, everyone will find out the truth and, perhaps, refuse to speak to you. People like real people, not fakers.
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    Don't gossip or spread rumors about other people, true or not true. This will not make you more popular; it will only make you universally disliked. Refrain from listening to any gossip.


  • Don't stalk anyone. If they have made it clear they are not interested in forming a friendship with you, then they are not the kind of people you want to associate yourself with. This also includes following someone around school.


  • You cannot force anyone to befriend you! Just have faith that someone will be nice enough to form a friendship with you.

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